Printers are our great allies and silent coworkers, always ready to make our jobs easier and more productive, until at the most unexpected moment they stop responding.

In these cases, it is normal to lose your nerve, but to prevent panic, in this post we will tell you some steps to solve the most common errors in most printer brands.

Solution 1. The paper is jammed in the print.

In an entry, we discussed this problem in more detail. When this happens, do not follow your instincts and pull the paper, as it could break and stay inside, as well as damage the internal components of the printer. Almost all printers have a hatch at the top through which to open the printer and remove the paper carefully, it is advisable to consult the printer’s instruction manual.

To avoid paper jams inside the printer, check that the sheets are not curled and that they can be inserted correctly into the machine.

Solution 2. The printer does not turn on.

The first thing you should do is check the condition of the cable that connects to the power supply. You can disconnect it from both parts and reconnect it in case it has become loose. If this is not the first time this cable problem has occurred, it is a good time to call Canon Service and have it replaced by a better one.

If it is not a cable problem, check that the power button is not stuck and that it works normally.

Solution 3. Misalignment of lines and colors in the prints.

If the prints show unsightly lines, go to the control panel of your computer, select printing preferences, or printer properties, find the section related to the maintenance of the printer causing the problem, and click on the option ‘alignment head cleaning ‘or’ head cleaning ‘and follow the instructions given.

Solution 4. The device does not recognize the printer.

Check if the problem is caused by the USB cable, and if the cable or connector is damaged, replace them. If the printer is wireless, you should check that the network is not experiencing problems. On the other hand, the problem could be due to the printer driver being out of date or missing. To fix this, search the Internet for the latest Windows or Mac driver for your printer model and download it.

Solution 5. Error message or alarms.

If the printer has a display, read the message on the display and follow the instructions. If instead of the display, the printer warns of errors by buzzers or led warnings, consult the printer manual to find out what type of problem each alarm frequency refers to.

Solution 6. The printing color is poor.

It is very likely that in this case the ink cartridges are running low or an original Canon consumable has not been used (if this is the brand of the printer). Check the state of the ink and replace it if necessary. If the problem is that the letters or symbols are not printing in full or parts are missing, it could be because the ink cartridge is clogged, in this case, perform the printer cleaning process.

Solution 7. The print appears blurry or smudged.

This problem may be due to the wrong paper choice, you can adjust this before printing, adjusting a low quality for text documents or raising it for photos and graphic prints.

Solution 8. When replacing the consumable the printer still does not print.

In this case, remove the cartridge that you just replaced, turn off the printer, turn it on again and reinstall the cartridges, previously removing the protective strip that they contain.

If this doesn’t work you may have to reset the printer. Search the Internet for your printer model and how you should reset it.

Solution 9. The printer returns a blank page after printing.

The content to be printed might contain a blank sheet, please check and try again. It may be an error with the consumable quantity, please check it.

Solution 10. The printer software does not work correctly.

If the software is causing problems, you should reinstall it on your computer. First, uninstall the software package in the Control panel, restart the computer, visit the website of the printer manufacturer, and install the latest version of the software.

If you uninstall the printer software, you may still be able to print at the default basic value that your device incorporates.