HP printer has become of the top-notch printers all over the world because it offers an excellent range of the HP printers with modern technology & multiple functionalities. But, it is not far from the issue. If you troubleshooting with HP scanning issue? So, sometimes it can be more frustrating and irritating things. But, you can easily resolve it but, you need to provide accurate solutions to resolve this issue. If you want to fix the HP printer not scanning issue just read the below instructions.

Cases the HP printer not scanning issue:

  • Due to the outdated or old version of the Driver.

Sometimes, due to the old version of the drivers HP printer scanner doesn’t respond properly. To fix it, just visit the official website of the HP printer and update or re-install your HP printer drivers.

  • The connection is not connected properly.

Users must check every cable of the HP printer such as the Ethernet cable, data cable, USB cable, or other. If it is working properly then, reboot your HP printer.

  • Incorrect configurations.

It is one of the primary concerns when HP printer scanning function doesn’t work. To get the best inspection of the incorrect configuration, the user must read the user manual guide of the HP printer.

  • Hardware problem.

Therefore, these are the primary issues that generate the scanning issue with your HP printer so just follow the below-given solutions and fix the HP printer not scanning issue.

Solution 1: Check the Physical Connection:

Users need to check every cable that is connected between the computer & printer and then, try to scan a paper. If again get the same issue so just try another solving instruction.

Solution 2: Update the Drivers:

  • Just, go to the official website of the HP printer.
  • Find your model from the search bar.
  • Then, select the relevant driver and install it for your HP printer.

Solution 3: Check the Scanning settings:

  • Open the scanning software from the computer.
  • Tap on the Troubleshooting option.
  • Again, select your scanner.
  • Set the appropriate parameter.

Solution 4: Resolve the Paper Jam issue:

  • Clean your scanner glass with a cotton cloth.
  • Check if any paper jam issue is getting under the scanning area.
  • Check the scanning sensor and clean it with cotton buds.

Solution 5: Resolve the Hardware Problem:

Check every connection and if you are getting something just connect with HP’s customer service technical team to resolve the hardware issue.

Solution 6: Perform the System File Checker:

  • Open the Command prompt then, choose the Run as Administrator option.
  • Type System32sfc/scannow
  • Tap on the Enter button.
  • If you got the 100 percent verification.
  • Then, tap on the exit button.
  • After completing the entire procedure, reboot your computer.

Consequently, users can easily rid of the HP printer not scanning issue using the above-presented solutions. After applying all the solutions, if you are not getting solutions then, you must try to speak with the HP printer support team by the helpline number.