Troubleshoot Your Brother Printer

Brother is one of the leading manufacturers of computers and related accessories. They are known for their reliability in manufacturing quality products. But even these products sometimes show signs of problems that need help from time to time. This guide will show you some solutions that you can use when troubleshooting your Brother printer.

Users of Brother printers commonly face the problem when their printer simply refuses to print anything. This problem may arise due to several reasons ranging from connectivity problems to faulty configurations or drivers. If you have problems of this type, the following troubleshooting guide will help you get rid of your Brother printer problems.

Basic Brother Printer Troubleshooting

In case your Brother printer stops working, the first thing to do is to check the connection status between your Brother printer and your computer. Make sure all your devices such as computers, cable, and internet are properly connected to each other.

You can also risk restarting your Brother printer. Turn it off for a few minutes, unplug the cable from your printer, and leave it on for a few minutes. Now, plug the cable into your Brother printer and turn it on. See if your printer problem is resolved.

Update or Reinstall the Useless Drivers

Often, printers display problems due to faulty drivers. You may have to update or reinstall the drivers to solve your printer problem.

Configure your Default Brother Printer

When you try to print something, your computer will automatically assign that print job to the default printer setting, unless you choose to do it manually with something else. Therefore, your Brother printer cannot print anything if you did not set it as the default printer or select it as a printer to print.

Cancel All Print from Your Brother Printer

Another common problem that leaves your Brother printer out of operation is the stuck print queue. If there are failed print works in your print queue, you can restrict the normal operation of your Brother printer. Erase all your print commands so that your Brother printer returns to normal.

  • Step 1: Open Brother Printer Control Panel.
  • Step 2: Now, open Devices and Brother printers.
  • Step 3: Right-click on your Brother printer in the Printers section and select See what is printing in your printer.
  • Step 4: Open the Brother printer menu and choose Open as Admin button.
  • Step 5: In the next steps, you need to re-open the Brother printer menu and select Cancel all documents.
  • Step 6: When your request window opens, then confirm your action.
  • Step 7: Check the Brother printer status.

If the Brother printer troubleshooting methods mentioned above do not work for you, check if there is any hardware problem with your Brother printer. Make sure your Brother printer has enough paper, ink, or toner, and is not jammed.

Brother Printer Paper Jam Problem

Here are some fixes for your Brother printer-related technical problems:

  • One of the most common problems that users face regardless of the brand of the Brother printer is paper jam. Now, there are a number of reasons for this problem to appear the Brother printer is dirty the wrong type of paper is being used or the Brother printer rollers that feed the paper are worn.
  • While the most common type of troubleshooting guide includes periodic cleaning of the Brother printer and the use of the appropriate type of paper for the specified printer, roller replacement can be a challenge depending on the construction of your Brother printer.
  • Some Brother printer models come with easily accessible parts, but for others, you will need to fully open your Brother printer to remove the rollers. Regardless of the reason for the failure, you should be careful when clearing a paper jam. Always try to remove the paper in the direction of the paper path, as going backward can seriously damage your Brother printer.
  • For Brother printers that hold the paper vertically and then force it down during the printing process, they end up having paper jam problems. While these models are not intended for intensive use, some organizations still use them for commercial purposes.

Note: In addition to the previous versions of printers, some newer ones, such as the paper pick-up rollers of the 2000 Brother printer, show a surprising problem, since these machines were not supposed to have any issues with the printer rollers.

Brother Printer Driver Problem

Each operating system comes with its own set of Brother printer drivers that need to be loaded in the operating system changes. Not all printers have a driver for every operating system. In such cases, you can use the user manual to identify which drivers the printer will emulate. However, you will not be able to use all features of the Brother printer, you just need to communicate with Brother printer support.

Brother Printer Wireless Problem

Are you experiencing setup problems? like Brother printer wireless setup and want Troubleshooting steps for operating systems and setup Brother wireless printers with networks. then look at some steps that you can follow for the Brother Wireless Printer setup on different devices.

To connect your Brother printer to your device via a USB cable, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the power source to your Brother printer. then turn on your Brother’s printer.
  • Step 2: Then connect the ‘USB’ cable to your Brother printer and then connect it to your Mac.
  • Step 3: Your Mac Brother will automatically install the given driver configuration for the printer model.
  • Step 4: If there is no specific printer driver in your Mac’s data source, go to the driver download portal. Here you can download and install the required driver by entering the model name and design of your printer and selecting the operating system of your device as Mac.
  • Step 5: After successfully downloading the driver, please accept the installation agreement and complete the Brother printer wireless setup according to the information provided.

Brother Printer Ink Problems

As we all know, Brother printers sometimes show ink problems, It always depends on how you operate your printer. Whenever you find poor print quality due to ink-related errors, you can follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Here are some tips to clean the printer plate that causes ink problems:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the power cable or other attached cable from your Brother printer.
  • Step 2: Open the cover to take out the printer plate and lock it in the open position.
  • Step 3. Using a soft dry lint-free cloth, wipe the printer platen very carefully.
  • Step 4: Insert the printer plate and then close the printer cover
  • Step 5: Reconnect all connections and print a test page to see the print quality.