– Setup and Installation Canon Printer

You need to follow relevant steps to set up and install your Canon Printer with ease. Those procedures can be majorly divided into two major procedures. One procedure is for your Windows and iOS you can prefer the installation of a USB printer and the other procedure is for your Windows prefer installing a network printer. If you follow any of these procedures you can set up Canon Printer and install this highly acclaimed printer in a simple and easy way, without any hurdles.

1st Procedure: For your Windows and iOS you can prefer the installation of a USB printer

You would have got a manual while you bought your printer. That manual has an easy set of instructions that you need to follow. It is also known as the manufacturer’s model support. The first step is with the help of your USB cable connect your PC and printer with each other. Then you turn on your printer and wait for your PC to recognize your printer and install it. After that install the software that is related to the printer for proper result-oriented interconnectivity. If for your installation you lack the disk then you can always go to Canon’s website to download it with ease. Then download the file and install it, then you are perfectly ready to use your superlative Canon Printer.

2nd Procedure: For your Windows prefer installing a network printer

If you are following this procedure then you can install your printer in two ways, one is the wireless way and another is the wired method.

In the technologically advanced times nowadays, you can easily connect your printer with the PC via the Wi-Fi network. This option has been available for a long time thanks to Canon moving step by step with the technology advancement. Via the wired method, you can connect both your PC and the printer via ethernet cable easily. By the above-discussed method, you can easily able to Installation Canon Printer.

How to download Canon printer driver from

Hey, are you trying to download drivers for your Canon printer? But, don’t know the process to download the software. Here, this article will elaborate on step-by-step techniques to download the same. Go through the below article thoroughly up to last without skipping any line to get the complete details. Follow the steps to download Canon Printer Drivers:

  • Open your web browser and search for the site.
  • Afterward, the web browser will be redirected to the Canon site.
  • Now, you will find options like ‘setup’ and ‘manuals.
  • Here you need to hit the option ‘setup’ and go ‘next’
  • After that, you can put your printer model number or the name of your printer.
  • Now, hit the option ‘Enter’ and go to ‘next page’
  • After that, select country/region.
  • Now, just go through the Canon drivers, software, and select the setup you need to download.
  • Now, finally hit the option Download, save the file on your device.

Finally, after downloading close the website and run the software and installer by clicking the on-screen options. But if you face any issues related to downloading the Canon printer driver you can take technical help to resolve the issues.