Canon is a brand that is synonymous with trust. When you are thinking of getting a printer, the Canon Printer must be on the list of shortlisted printers. It is quite easy to operate and the brand name is very popular among printer enthusiasts who understand the technology and updates regarding printers. If you have recently purchased a printer and you are not sure about its login credentials, i.e., username and password, then this is the right topic for you. It will guide you to find the default username and password of this printer and also how to change it. canon printer default username and password are not that difficult to find or change, which you will know after going through this article.


Finding the Canon Printer default username and password


Usually, the official manufacturers of the printers keep on changing the username and password of the new printers. It is done, so that the required information regarding those printers can always stay safe and secured. Nowadays, the preferred default username of this printer is Administrator. If you are looking for a canon printer default password, then you should know it is 7654321.


Mostly the default password and username are provided while you are buying the printer. Sometimes the password can also be Canon or the serial number of the printer you are buying. You can always confirm these details from the place you are buying or else you can seek the help of the customer support team of this brand to help you easily.


In case you have entered a new username and password, but have forgotten about it, in that case, the default username and passwords cannot help you at all. These are some of the common kinds of stuffs that people do not remember.


How to reset the username and password of the Canon printer?


  • Follow the technical guidelines and insert the default password.
  • Then open the web browser. You can prefer Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.
  • Then you need to type https:// along with the IP address of the printing machine in the browser bar present in the web browser.
  • Then type the default username and password as given by the brand of this printer.
  • Then tap on the tab that says the admin.
  • Then a screen will pop up where you can enter the new password.
  • Enter a very strong password, and then click submit to complete the process.


Get your own customized password


This is a very simple way to reset the canon printer default password and have your own customized password for the safety and security of your data and printer. After buying the printer of this brand, try following these steps and change the username and password as soon as possible. Even if you do not change the username, do not delay in changing the password which is quite important. If you have any further queries regarding it then connect with the customer support team of this brand.