Nothing can be more annoying than the problem Canon printer is not turning on. Then don’t worry. There can be a lot of causes behind the happening of this error, but finding the right solution for this issue is necessary now. Therefore, in this blog, here is mentioned the complete information about the various causes of this issue and the best possible solutions to fix it.

Causes Why Canon Printer Is Not Turning On?

  • A faulty power supply issues
  • Canon Printer is not plugged in properly
  • The power adapter issue
  • Canon Printer is not connected to the PC
  • The Printer name is not chosen
  • The Printer is not configured with the cable port

What To Do If My Canon Printer Is Not Turning On?

So, if your Canon printer is not turning on, then you don’t need to panic. You just have to follow the below specified best troubleshooting solutions & steps to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix this Issue:

Solution 1: Check the Power Supply

The Canon printer is not turning on as it could be an issue definitely with the faulty power supply. Due to power supply reasons your Canon printer to decline to turn ON. Then, to fix this issue, disconnect the Canon printer and observe the power supply, just to realize if the power supply is hot when you connect it with your finger. In case it’s hot which indicates it’s working, then there may be an issue with your Canon printer itself.

Solution 2: Check the Power Plug

Next, you will have to check that the power plug is securely plugged in and ensure its correctly connected. If you find the power plug is plugged in, and connected properly, then try to turn ON the Canon printer again to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Check the Power Adapter

If the issue is not resolved yet, then you should check the power adapter is the correct one that you are using. Due to using the incorrect adapter your Canon printer is not turning on. Make sure that the correct power adapter for the Canon printer is 32V and 1560mA. So, if you are using a changed adapter, then now replace it with the right one.

Solution 4: Check Canon Printer is Connected to the PC

You should validate that the USB cable is strongly plugged into the USB port of the Canon printer and that it is connected to the properly computer. In case you’re using a communication device like a USB hub, then immediately disconnect it, and then again connect the Canon Printer directly to the PC, and then try to printer turning on again.

Solution 5: Check Printer Lights

If the issue persists still! To solve the issue Canon printer is not turning on, just by checking the Canon printer lights. You will have to check if the lights appear; it indicates means the Canon printer is okay, then only a faulty power cord issue. Or if the lights yet don’t appear; it indicates that your printer would no longer turn ON because of the power supply issue or a faulty part.

Hence, you should contact the Canon technical support team for assistance.