Canon printer is one of the most trusted printers and it comes with amazing & advanced features where anyone can easily print, scan, and many more things. But, if you recently purchased your Canon printer or Canon printer WI-FI is not working so you must learn how to set up a canon printer with a Wi-Fi password. Let’s follow the complete steps with a perfect demonstration.

Before starting the wireless setup process, make sure you know your LAN password and your internet speed is good. Then, proceed with the Setup Wi-Fi Password with Canon printer.

How to download Canon printer Wi-Fi Password Setup for Windows?

Ensure that, your wireless network is ON condition and your printer & computer will connect with the same WIFI network.

  • First of all, you need to visit the canon printer’s official website through any trusted web browser.
  • Then, write the correct Model Name & Number.
  • Choose the latest WIFI driver and hit on the Download
  • If the drive has downloaded successfully on your computer then, you need to click on that.
  • Now, you need to Run your downloaded file and if the installation has been completed.
  • After then, open the installed setup, and choose Setup
  • Next, select the Geographical Location then, click on Continue.
  • After then, select your Wireless Name & password & again and hit on Next.
  • Then, the installation process will begin and after completing the entire installation process, you need to start testing a print with your Canon printer.

How to install Canon Printer Wireless setup?

  • If you have successfully downloaded the Canon printer wireless setup.
  • Then, you need to connect your printer & computer to the same wireless network.
  • Tap on the Start button and choose your Region & click on the license agreement.
  • Then, select the Connection Medium Wireless and select the Software.
  • Finally, hit on the Install

How to download Canon printer Wi-Fi Password Setup for Mac?

  • Open Safari or Google web browser and visit the Canon official website.
  • Then, write the correct Model Number & Name of the printer.
  • After then, download the actual setup of the wireless driver.
  • If the downloading process has been completed then, run the file on your computer.
  • Finally, connect your computer and printer to the same wireless network.
  • Then, Run the downloaded setup, if the setup has been installed then, click on it.
  • Here you need to complete your installation process.

Procedure to Setup Canon Wi-Fi Password via Control Display Panel:

  • Ensure that, your Canon printer will connect to the electric outlet and then, you need to click on the Power button.
  • If your Canon printer is ON then, you need to click on the Wireless option from the control display panel.
  • Now, choose the Wireless Setup & then, click on the Wireless Network.
  • Then, you need to select the Network
  • If the printer wireless icon is blinking then, you need to click on the WPS button from your router.
  • Then, the Canon printer will automatically connect to the rounder.
  • If the wireless blinking light will stop then, your Canon printer is completely connected to the WIFI.