Kodak Printer Troubleshootings

Printers are an essential part of today’s time, whether it is for official purposes or used in the home for a small purpose. While there is a wide range of printer brands and Kodak printer is one of the highly used printers all over the world. Though Kodak Printers delivers high performance and service to the users with its superior features and functions hitherto they can cause some troubles and difficulties at the same time because of technical errors and issues. You can overcome those common problems easily on your own with simple resolutions, but it is necessary that you should be aware of the exact reason behind the occurrence of the problem. Apart from this, you can simply dial the Kodak Printer Technical Support Number for immediate technical support and guidance.

Remarkable features and functions of Kodak Printer that makes it unbeatable:

Kodak has a wide range of printers’ models with different unique features that cannot be described in one deed. Every model has a different working style with different specifications. There are some examples of the Kodak Printer are as follows:

Kodak ESP 3- All in one printer

The model of printer features include memory card slot, printhead with ink cartridges installed, control panel, right paper-edge guide, LCD, paper tray, USB port, paper tray extender/paper stop, power cord connection port, left paper-edge guide, rear-access cleanout area, scanner glass, printer access door or scanner lid.

The printer model is all in one printer that also performs scanning without any hassle.

Kodak PRO 1400 Photo Printer

Dry technology – Dry thermal dye-sublimation technology, high printing resolution in continuous tone, Kodak XTRA LIFE Lamination seals every print, serves with good print speed, and gives max. The image size is up to 8.27 x 12.

The printer mainly used for printing photos and have specification according to its prominent work.

There is a wide range of Kodak printer that runs continuously al, over the world. There is no specific feature that defines a Kodak printer in the same manner. Every printer works with its personalized specification and features to resolve the purpose of all kinds of users.

Here are some common issues with their resolution with Kodak Printer:

1. The printer does not print on:

Make sure you are using the power cord that came with your printer and the power cord should be connected to the AC adapter, it is plugged into an outlet or power strip, and that the LED on the AC adapter is lit.

2. Carriage jam:

Open the printer access door and clear any obstructions and also check that the printhead and ink cartridges are installed correctly.

3. Ink cartridge errors:

Make sure that KODAK Ink Cartridge(s) are installed. Do not use a non-Kodak brand or refilled ink cartridges. Remove, and then install the cartridges again. Make sure the cartridges click into place.

4. Printer won’t print:

Make sure that the printer is connected properly and the USB is correctly plugged. Check the cartridge and if you are using a third party cartridge change it immediately.

All the troubleshooting procedure described above should be performed under the management of expertise and technical executives. Moreover, the Kodak printer also offers Kodak Printer helpline for the users, which is available 365 days round the clock to help their customers.