If you are struggling with an unrecognized Printer USB Device error connecting your printer to your PC, it could point to a cable or USB related problem. Follow the steps below if your printer is not recognized and automatically installed after connecting.

Common Printer Not Recognized Issue

Scene of this crime: Two HP Star Calendar printers with the same problem: ” USB device not recognized “. Use a new printer and another already for about 2 years.

I thought first there was a problem with the USB cable printer. I bought nothing new! After, I left for (re) install the driver, but when you connect the USB cable to the printer, look again the message appeared “ USB device not recognized “, with this USB icon equivalent to windows clock (ancestry).

I also thought it might be the power/power issue on the USB port, but when you try to install the printer on another USB port and also on another computer, the problem 

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows

Solution 1 – In summary, the problem of “USB device not recognized” is probably due to low-speed USB cable (full speed). As a solution, you are advised to buy a USB cable, but it is “USB High Speed”.

Note that this also applies to scanners or other devices, such as external HD.

Solution 2 – But if you do not want to get rid of your low-speed USB cable it is possible to use a “fireworks”. To install the printer without replacing the USB cable, try this:

Attention: Do not use this option if you have USB keyboard or mouse, in this case, buy the cable “USB High Speed” or disable the setup USB support 2.0

  1. Visit: Control Panel >> Device Manager System
  2. Double click on USB Controller
  3. Right-click on “ Upgrade Host Controller ” and “Uninstall” (enabled or disabled)
  4. CD / Replace the driver HP and start the installation. When the USB cable is notified, click Install Device Next. Continue to complete the installation
  5. Once installed, re-open the installation CD, click on the installation device
  6. Now, then replace the USB cable, wait a bit (2 these 3 minutes) and ready!

Solution 3 – Any other alternative setup that can be tested is directly disabled in USB support. 2.0, some of which are shown in the image below. Of course, it will transmit data via USB a bit slower, but one tip came from fellow Alexander the Great, the other it works fine. Remember to enter the setup, only at the beginning of the computer – when switching – press the DEL key or F2 which is compatible (depending on the computer)