Sometimes, Ricoh Printer users may encounter the “Ricoh Printer does not print” problem during the print job. This is the most common printing error faced by users. Ricoh Printer Errors may disturb the user’s work, in which case the user will become helpless.

Therefore, to solve the problem that the Ricoh Printer does not print, you can follow the steps below to correct the error.

Fix Ricoh Printer Not Printing Issue

Here are some fixes that have helped many Ricoh Printer users solve their problems. You don’t have to try them all; just follow the methods in the list until you find the one that suits you best.

Paper is not being fed from the selected tray.

  • When using the Windows operating system, the printer driver settings will override the settings made using the control panel. Use the printer driver to set the required input tray. For details, see the printer driver Help.

The paper is not stacked correctly.

  • The paper is damp. Please use a well-preserved paper. 
  • If the printed paper is curled, use the standard tray extension.
  • When using A3, legal paper, or double-letter size paper, pull out and raise the shield.

It takes a long time to turn on the printer.

  • If the printer is turned off while still accessing the hard disk (for example, during file deletion), the next time the printer is turned on, more power-on time will be required. To avoid this delay, do not turn off the power during printer operation.

It takes a long time to start printing.

  • The amount of data is too large or complex, and it takes time to process it. If the data entry indicator is flashing, it indicates that the data is being processed. Please wait for it to continue.
  • The printer is in power-saving mode or sleep mode. To recover from these modes, the printer must be warmed up, and this process will take a certain amount of time until printing starts. For more information, please refer to the power-saving mode.

It takes a long time to complete the print job.

  • The printer takes longer to process photos and other data-intensive pages, so you only need to wait when printing such data.
  • Changing the settings through the printer driver may help speed up printing.
  • For details, see the printer driver Help.
  • The amount of data is too large or complex, and it takes time to process it. If the Data In indicator is blinking, data is being processed. Please wait for it to continue.
  • If the display shows “Waiting to print data…”, It means that the printer is warming up at this time. Wait a moment.
  • The printer is adjusting color proofing. Wait a moment.

The connected option is not detected in the printer properties.

  • There is no two-way communication between the computer and the printer. The connected options must be configured in the printer properties. For details, see the printer driver Help.
  • After automatically updating the device information using the properties of the PCL 6 or PostScript 3 printer driver, other printer drivers may not be able to establish two-way communication, and the automatic update cannot be successfully performed. 
  • This happens only for 32-bit Windows XP. In this case, log out and log in to Windows again, and perform the automatic updates again. Please contact your dealer or service agent.

When performing combination printing or bundle printing.

  • Check if the paper size and orientation set in the printer driver are the same as those set in the application. If the settings are different, change the settings of the printer driver.

“Auto Tray Selection” selects an empty tray, and the document cannot be printed out due to the error of no paper.

  • If the tray is opened and closed when the printer is in power saving mode, the printer will initialize the tray when it is restored, but the tray cannot be selected by “Automatic Tray Selection”. To print from a tray that was turned on and off when the printer was in power-saving mode, you must first manually specify the tray as the source tray before printing. When the printer recovers from power-saving mode and completes initialization, the file will be printed from the tray you specified.