You’ve been trying for hours, but there’s nothing you can do about it – your printed trust doesn’t work properly anymore. Here the print is literally rude and faded, with ink stains here and there, and parts are missing. In short, a real disaster. Failure, probably. , Due to head closure. You may not have used your hp printer for some time and the ink marks on the cartridges have dried up the creation of such watches with the inevitable consequence of not printing properly.

However, contrary to your opinion, I can tell you that the situation can be easily resolved without changing the cartridges, and above all, without throwing away the printer. You ask me well, focus on my guide, in fact, how to clean hp printer heads on the same and you do it right away. Will discover, Of course, I can’t assure you that you will eventually be able to cope (it depends a lot on the degree of obstruction of the head), but of course, there is a good chance and as they say, It doesn’t hurt to try.

Come on in, take a look, and enjoy yourself! Go to work Sit back in front of your computer and printer and start following the instructions on what to do below. I wish you to read as well as always and I wish you all the best. Are you ready?

Note: Since I do not know the exact makeup and model of your owner’s printer, the instructions in this guide may vary slightly depending on the printing device displayed on your computer and/or printer. For my part, I will do my best to make the comprehensive plan possible, but in the event of a discrepancy between my indications and what you have shown, it should be good to make the right options and choices to appeal.

Clean the HP printer heads from Windows

If you’re using a Windows PC, you can take advantage of the built-in ad hoc tool directly in the system to clean the heads of your printers, which is added when you install printer drivers.

To serve, click the Start button (the one with the Windows flag) in the Barra de Terrace Search Control Panel Display menu and open it. 

Then select the item Hardware and Sounds (if you can’t see it then enable the first view by category from the drop-down menu at the top right of the window) then click Devices and Printers.

Now, find your printer on the screen that appears, right-click on it and select Properties from the context menu then go to Card/Maintenance/Cleanup and press the Head Cleanup button.

If this does not result in a head cleaning command, go to the Windows notification area (adjacent to the clock) and if it is present, right-click the printer icon and select it from the menu that appears.

Select from the administration to clean his and/or his head. Therefore, please respond positively to the on-screen warning and confirm your intention to start the cleaning procedure.

Then the process of cleaning the heads of the printers will begin. Wait for it to complete, then print the test page using the appropriate button on the screen to ensure the success of the item. If not, repeat the above steps from the beginning.

Clean the HP printer head with Mac

Do you have a Mac instead of a Windows PC? No problem, even in this case you can clean the printer head. To do this, just take advantage of the special utilities included in macOS. Let’s see how to access it and how to use it.

First, turn on the printer by pressing the corresponding button Power button then open System Preferences by clicking on the icon in the micros you get the spring bar (the one in the shape of gear), and click on the icon Printers and Scanners appear on the desktop In the window.

Now select your printer from the list on the left, and click on the Options and Supplies button. Find the right side and then select the tab in the new window that has opened the utility. 

Then press the button to clean the HP printer heads and wait for the printer heads to clear and start. It will only take a few minutes. Easier than that?

Once the process is complete, click the Create Test Print button. Print the test page that you find attached to the form. After pressing the Utility button, the Options and Supplies section appears in the Printers and Scanners de System Preferences section. 

If everything is turned to the right, the printing must be done correctly. If not, try repeating the steps I told you from the beginning.

Clean the HP Printer heads

If the printer you are using is equipped with an LCD screen, when checking the various items associated with the options on the screen of the device, there should also be a special command by which you can clean the head. Are

In this case, you should turn on the printer by pressing the button Access the section dedicated to the power button Configuration Any settings in the working device directly from its screen, select the selected option Restore and then Just select the related function from the head cleaning menu that appears!

For example, if you are using an HP printer, it simply selects it using the directional arrows and buttons in Good front of the device, the section configuration, and the maintenance and words of head cleaning.

Therefore, the cleaning process will begin and you can follow the progress of the operation with the appropriate warning that appears on the screen. 

When the process is complete, you will be prompted and then you can start using your printer as usual. If you are asked if you would like to print a test page, make sure the printer has started working again without any problems.

If the printer you are using is an old course and therefore does not have a screen to confirm it, you can also do the cleaning by pressing a button. Maintenance Button This is placed on the front of the device in most models.

For example, if you are using an HP printer to succeed in your endeavor, just press and hold the printer mentioned above.

 Maintenance button (sheet and ink drop one) and then on / off button to insert the device into the work. When the printer starts active checking, release the restore button, and wait for the cleaning operation to complete.

Even in this case, when the process is complete, a test page should be printed automatically so that you can be sure of the actual success of the operation. Otherwise, you can still do this by calling the appropriate option in Windows. Mac as seen together in previous stages.

Manually clean the HP Printer head

Unfortunately, the implementation of the instructions I gave you in the previous posts has no effect and if you have some time to perform a healthy maintenance job, you can use the printer heads “manually” As “can try to clean. “If Ltd., See it first, referring to the device’s user manual if the head is part of the hp printer o individual ink cartridges.

In the first case, turn it off before pressing the printer’s power button and the cartridge manages to remove its accommodation, the care ltd takes the appropriate device and then dives into the warm water o isopropyl alcohol at the end of a cotton Buds. Then use a cotton swab to remove the cotton ink and rub lightly and gently against the print head.

If the print head is inside the printer, you can also use a dropper to add a few drops of water or alcohol to the ink tray to make the operation easier.

If, on the other hand, printheads are an integral part of individual ink cartridges, first remove them from the printer housing and insert them. A container filled with hot water. Let the cartridges “soak” for a few hours, then remove them from the water and dry the absorbent paper well. Then replace the cartridge in the printer.

If desired, you can do an even more thorough cleaning by filling a bowl with isopropyl alcohol, dipping the cartridge inside, and leaving it for a few hours. Then remove the cartridge from the container, clean it with a cloth, and then dry it carefully with paper towels. Then place the cartridge back in the printer.

In both cases, after the cleanup is complete, turn on the HP printer and try to print the test page using the appropriate command associated with Windows and Mac OS.