The printing industry has changed the thinking of people who never thought that a hard copy of something that appears on the computer screen is possible. Getting high-quality prints is not a difficult task if you do it with Kyocera Printer. But with numerous advantages, printers also have some shortcomings. In some cases, it starts to show errors and continues to print blank pages. In this situation, you might think about why my Kyocera Printer is printing blank pages.

Why is my Kyocera printer not printing?

The blank pages of the Kyocera Printer continue to print generally is not a hardware failure, but are due to other factors that are required to perform print jobs. Here are some of the reasons why your printer is printing blank pages:

Reasons for Kyocera Printer Printing Blank pages

Incorrect paper size: Your printer may be set to print a particular paper size by default. Be sure to change the default Settings of the Kyocera Printer.

Clogged nozzles: Due to clogged nozzles, cartridge ink can harden and start printing blank pages. To correct this problem, you should check the print head nozzle of the Kyocera Printer and try to remove the lock. Only then will the printer run smoothly. You can also report these issues to experts by dialing the Kyocera Printer customer support phone number for easy troubleshooting.

Empty cartridges: If there is no ink in the printer, how could the printer give the desired impression? It is suggested that you have enough ink in the printer cartridge and that you control ink levels as often as possible.

Wrong cartridge: Sometimes you will see that the Kyocera Printer is printing blank pages, even if your ink cartridge is full. The reason behind this could be the disconnect between the printer and the cartridge. To resolve this issue, you must remove and reinstall the cartridge.

You can also try the troubleshooting method provided below to resolve the issue.

Kyocera Printer Printing Problems

If you are having trouble with your Kyocera Printer which is not printing clearly or printing Blank pages? Then you should not worry. You can easily resolve Kyocera Printer Printing Blank Pages with the help of the troubleshooting solution given below in this post. Well, the most common causes why Kyocera printers print blank pages are due to insufficient ink, Incorrect Paper Size Print settings incorrect, low ink, Consumables/ Cartridges Empty, and so on.

How to Fix Kyocera Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue?

Solution 1: Verify Consumables Are Empty

Firstly, confirm if your Kyocera printer consumables (ink cartridges or toner cartridges) setting form is correct. This is located or you can go via the Kyocera printer control panel or the printer software on your PC.

Solution 2: Verify Ink cartridges are Correctly Inserted

Check that the Ink Toner or ink cartridges or toner cartridges have been properly installed in the Kyocera printer. This is also the main cause for Kyocera Printer Printing Blank Pages.

Solution 3: Verify Ink cartridges Nozzle is Clogged

Verify that the print head nozzle is for clogging and then clean the print head if mandatory.

Solution 4: Kyocera Printer Is Correctly Configured

The Kyocera Printer configuration or setting has been set up suitably. Validate that the paper size and alignment are correct.

Solution 5: Verify Drivers Are Correctly Installed

The Kyocera Printer driver may also be leading the cause of your blank printouts. Fix the Kyocera Printer Printing Blank Pages issue, just by first verifying and then updating or uninstalling and reinstalling it to acquire the latest version of printer Driver.


Although Kyocera Printer is expected to give small prints, you may encounter issues other than those mentioned in this article. In such problematic situations, you should contact the Kyocera troubleshooting center, where experts will surely help you and provide you with relevant solutions.