Fix Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Pages

All of your business and personal work may be done via your Lexmark Printer. But in recent times you may be giving print commands with it and when doing the same it may be printing blank pages. We would be more than happy to guide you in order to get the issue resolved. Users simply need to do is follow the troubleshooting guide as mentioned in this tutorial. This will certainly help them to get a one-stop solution for the Lexmark Printer printing blank pages issue.

Fix Lexmark Printer printing blank pages:

Step 1: Users can start the process by opening their Control Panel on their respective system and once that has been done then they can simply Devices and Printers to open the same.

Step 2: Users will now have to choose Properties from the list of available options which they can do by right-clicking on the name of the Printer.

Step 3: Users can now check the Device settings from the Printers properties and once done then they can click on Preferences.

Step 4: Users will now require choosing a clean Printhead available under the Preferences option from the Services menu.

Step 5: Users can perform this task multiple times until the issue is resolved from the roots.

Reasons Behind The Lexmark Printer That Prints Blank Pages:

Before getting into an effective troubleshooting guide users root first do the root cause analysis as to why they have been facing such kind of issue. This section of the tutorial is exclusively meant for the same. Feel free to connect with us in case something is not being followed. We would be more than happy in offering all the necessary assistance and resolving the same on an instant basis.

  • Discrepancies with the Breather Tape
  • The issue with the quality of the cartridge being used or it may have run out of ink

How do I resolve the Blank Pages printing issue with Lexmark Printer?

As users are now well versed with the common reasons as to why they may be facing such kinds of issues, let us now try to understand the different ways through which such kinds of issues can be resolved in one go and users can enjoy uninterrupted services of their Printer.

Different ways to resolve Blank Pages printing issue with Lexmark Printer

Solution 1. Monitor the performance

If the printer has been kept idle for a long time then its performance automatically deteriorates. Users are advised to use their printers at regular intervals so that they can get the best out of them. This will ensure that there is a constant flow of ink and is not drying up.

Solution 2. Check the cartridge of your printer

Users should refill their cartridges as they may have gotten out of ink as a result of which may be printing blank pages. Also, they should ensure that the cartridge they are using is of high quality. This will prevent any sort of nozzle blockages and thus high-quality printouts would be taken out.

Solution 3. Ensure proper positioning of your printer

Sometimes it is the inappropriate positioning that gives such kind of issue. The best position for placing the printer is a cool place that prevents solidification of the ink in the printer and thus high delivery in terms of performance can be achieved