Printers and copiers are a necessity for most commercial enterprises and home users. You can use these devices to take out a hard copy of any document or make multiple copies of the file. Among the various brands on the market, Sharp printers, and copiers are one of the most reliable printing and copying equipment ever. These advanced electronic devices provide exciting features, strong quality, durability, and high-end output.

Despite providing several unique features, these devices often interrupt work motivation by developing multiple performance-related errors. Sharp printer error code H5-01 is the most common error for Sharp devices and indicates a paper jam in the device. Thousands of Sharp printers and copier users around the world often encounter this error and look for viable options to overcome this problem. If the same problem bothers you and interrupts your printing session, you should consult a printer technician. You can also apply some smart technologies provided in this blog to fix this error code yourself.

Reasons for error code H5-01 appear on Sharp printers

This error code mainly refers to the performance-related problems of the printer or copier device. There are various reasons that may cause such annoying error messages. Check the following suspicious factors behind Sharp Error H5-01:

  • Send too many print signals on the device at once
  • A piece of paper or any other foreign object gets stuck in the device and causes obstacles during the printing process
  • Any particular print job will jam for any reason and block the entire print queue
  • Any hardware damage will restrict the printer from continuing the print session and cause a sudden pause in the process
  • An error in the paper placed in the tray may cause this error code
  • Putting paper in the wrong way inside the copier may cause this error message

Have you struggled with this error code for a long time and looking for a suitable solution? Then, read the following paragraphs carefully for some simple solutions to this error message.
Before hiring a printer service provider to clear Sharp error code H5-01, you can try the awesome repair method suggested by our experts. 

Steps to fix Sharp Printer error code H5-01

The steps given below will help you get rid of this error code H5-01:

  • Make sure you have removed all jammed paper from the machine
  • On the numeric keyboard, press P, and C, in quick succession
  • You must double-click the home button on the right side of the touch screen to bring up the numeric keypad
  • The machine will enter simulation mode
  • Touch # 14 on the touch screen, or type 14 on the numeric keypad
  • You need to touch the black and white start button (or mono on the new machine)
  • Touch execute & # 8203; & # 8203 ;, then touch Yes to cancel Sharp H5-01 fault error code
  • Processing takes some time
  • The machine will restart automatically
  • If it does not restart automatically after a minute or two, go ahead and touch CA to restart it
  • After successfully restarting the device, please do some sample printing to confirm the elimination of this error code