Sometimes, it can be very irritating if your printer is getting noise before or during the printing. It must be fixed on an immediate basis because it is an indication of a faulty printer. No matter What’s the company or brand of the printer because noise can generate for any brand of printer.

Usually, the printer gives a beeping noise before or after turning it on- off but, if the noise is continuously generated. Besides, you can face clicking, squeak & whirr nose with your printer and sometimes, it can be loud or weak.

Types of Noise in Printer: 

Users can experience with below-given noises such as:

  • Motor whirring
  • Clicking noise
  • Squeaking noise
  • beeping
  • Grinding noises
  • Buzzing noises & others.

Therefore, if anyone is experiencing any above-presented noise so he/she can easily fix or resolve it with the below-mentioned solutions.

Solutions to resolve Printer Making Strange Noises Problem:

Solution 1: Reset Your Printer:

Before doing anything just reboot your printer then, try to listen to the noise level if again, getting the same noise from the printer so just follow the next solution.

Solution 2: Run Printer Troubleshooter:

  • Tap on the Start or Windows button.
  • Hit Settings and select Update & Security.
  • Select the Troubleshoot & tap on the Printer.
  • Hit on the Run the Troubleshooter.

Solution 3: Download & Install Driver:

  • Due to the outdated drivers, users can face the noise issue on their printers.
  • To resolve the noise issue, just download the driver updater from the official website of the Printer.
  • Then, tap on Update and get the latest version of the drivers.
  • After completing the updating procedure, just reboot your printer.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Ink cartridges:

Sometimes, due to the incorrect alignment of the ink cartridges you may face noise from your printer. So, before starting anything, just reinstall the ink cartridges.

  • Just, open the access door and then, turn off your printer.
  • Then, check the ink level from the ink tank and then, pull out the cartridge.
  • Again, install the same ink cartridges & close the access door.
  • After rebooting, you must listen to the noise from the printer. After applying the above-given solutions if you are getting the Printer Making Strange Noises so don’t need to worry, just read the below-given solutions.

Solution 5: Update Printer firmware:

  • Ensure that, your printer is turned ON condition and it is connected to your computer system.
  • Tap on the printer from the control panel.
  • Ensure that, you use are using the right version of windows on your computer.
  • Tap on the firmware then, click on the download.
  • The file will download bottom left of the computer.
  • Install the file and click on the Update button.
  • Wait until the firmware will not update then, reboot your printer and check the noise.

Moreover, after applying any above-presented solutions if again Printer Making Strange Noises so just avail the of professional help. Also, you must contact the customer service of the same brand of printer.