If you no longer have an installation CD for your printer or are having trouble installing it on your computer or if you do not recognize your CD or worry about the driver. You will find the solution on your printer manufacturer’s website. Manufacturers now make printer software available for free.

How to enter the manufacturer’s website

To get started, visit the manufacturer’s website. To find the address Enter the name of your printer manufacturer in your search engine (browser). For example, HP Printers or Build and Model HP Desk Jet F4180. The page that opens will show various links, click on it from the manufacturer’s website.

How to find your printer model and download software

Once you have found the printer model, download the unit. Before that, it is important to check the compatibility of the software with your operating system. Then follow the instructions given during the installation.

Note: Also check if files related to your printer remain installed on your computer (it may be that some markings appear on your hard disk after canceled installation attempts). If you find anything, uninstall your printer before installing it in Settings Panel > Add / Remove Programs.

Restart Install your PC and the unit from which you previously accessed the website. If you go to the homepage of the manufacturer’s website, find the section Printers > Download your printer model and disk.

It is always advisable to read the printer manual available on the manufacturer’s website. Well, it solved your problem of losing your printer installation CD.