HP Company is one of the best and most popular companies. It is an American-based company. HP Company manufactures many electronic devices or gadgets i.e. Computers, CPUs, Laptops, Pen drives, Printers, etc. This company is the first electronica company that manufactures 3D printers in the market. It uses advanced and latest technology, wired or wireless printers high-resolution printers, etc. There are so many companies that manufacture printers but HP is the topmost seller company in the market. Millions of users are using this trusted product. HP Company provides the latest and advanced features for the customers like producing better quality printing.

How to install an HP printer driver on Windows 10?

Some people face printing-related problems by delivering quality printouts. If you also have the same problem then you can resolve it easily. But sometimes people do not know how to install an HP printer driver on Windows 10 then don’t worry just adopt the best steps which are given to resolve your issues.

Step-by-step instructions are given below to install the HP printer driver on Windows 10

  • First of all, you should go to the official website of HP.
  • When you reached the website then enter the model of your printer, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Then Click on HP customer support to download the software and driver.
  • After that, go to the page ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’, then click on the printer option.
  • Then type the model number, and click on the ‘Submit’ option.
  • If you want to change the OS, then you should click on ‘ Download’ to install drivers like the HP printer assistant, then you click on the option of the Basic driver.
  • You have to prompt on the screen, to complete the procedure you should click on the USB option.
  • When all the above steps are completed systematically, now you can print, scan, and fax according to the functionality of your printer.

How to install an HP printer driver on Mac?

If you are trying to look out how to install an HP printer driver on Mac then you do not need to go anywhere because the best methods are explained below, you should follow the steps to forget to know the installation process. If you are a Mac book user then you can adopt the given steps to install the HP printer driver on your Mac.

  • First, go to the Apple menu and select system preference.
  • You will see so many icons on system preference, you should click on Printer and Fax which is shown in the hardware field.
  • Then highlight your printers. To remove them from the printers list then click on the – button. And click on OK.
  • After that, you open the hard drive.
  • Select Library then click on the printers.
  • After clicking you should select the folder labeled of your printer, and then drag it to the trash.
  • In this way, your installed printer driver will be removed, and then you need to reinstall the printer driver.
  • You do your trash empty.
  • Then you should reboot your system.
  • When your computer is restarted, go to the appropriate support printer model page then download the necessary printer driver.
  • Open your downloaded file. To install the driver software you should follow on-screen instructions or steps.
  • When your driver software has been downloaded then click on the quit.
  • Again go to the Apple menu, select the system preferences the Printer and Fax icon will show click on it.
  • If you are using an internet connection, you should click on the add (+) button to add your printer.
  • Click on the More printer option, which is shown on the top screen. You will see your ‘HP printer TCP/ IP’.
  • In this way, your printer is displayed, select the HP printer then click on Add.

In this case, if your printer is not displayed, then enter your IP address of the printer in the DNS name field, and click on verify. In this way, your printer will appear on the list.