The fact is that tablets can now completely or almost completely replace laptops. In fact, most tablets currently on the market offer the same functionality as laptops, all without the need for a physical keyboard. However, there are some practices that may not yet be very intuitive for those who are not particularly practical with the latest technology tools. In that sense, if you think you belong to this category and feel the need to print a document, I think you are asking yourself “How to print from a tablet?”. If that’s really the question you asked yourself, you know what happened in the right guide.

In the following lines, in fact, I will explain to you what can be done to print a tablet, a function, which may be like this, may not be at all intuitive, at least at first glance. not me. However, you will eventually find that you, like many other users, will be able to print documents, emails, web pages, and anything directly from your desk. It doesn’t matter if the device is an Android or a branded Apple device, there is a perfect solution in both cases.

Together we can explain the ideas on this subject and find out step by step the printing of bullets. Do you agree Okay, then I invite you to take just a few minutes to pick up your device and read my instructions. Let’s get started! I wish you good reading.

How To Print From Your Android Tablet

If you have an Android-based device and you are interested in understanding how to print from tablets, know that you can use this service Cloud Printing from Google if you have never heard of it. If so, be aware that this is a system offered by Google that allows you to send any type of file to a printer using your computer or your router as a “bridge” between the two devices.  Alternatively, you can take advantage of a printer already built for this purpose and compatible with the services.

  • To use Cloud Print, simply connect the printer to a computer connected to the Internet or to a router with a USB port, then you need to connect the device to your Google Account and select the printer from the Android Print menu. Will be. Cloud Print will line up all the documents received from the Android tablet and then when the printer is turned on and connected to the Internet, the printing process will start, and it will be complete. It will happen automatically.
  • So if you want to understand what you need to do to print from Android tablets, the first step you need to do is to set up a cloud print service on your computer. To do this you will need the web browser Google Chrome. If you haven’t already installed it on your computer.
  • After confirming the presence of Google Chrome on your computer or, as required, downloading and installing it on your Windows or Mac computer, launch the popular Mirror browser by pressing the icon.
  • Now wait for the program window to be visible and then log in to your Google account: you can do this very easily by going to the main page of the Google search engine. And located in the upper right listed by pressing the button.
  • If you don’t already have a Google Account, you can quickly create an item by clicking on it. Other options will show up along with the login form. Then press Radiation to create an account and then follow the instructions in my guide on how to create a Google Account.
  • Please note that logging in to your Google Account from Chrome is of primary importance as it enables you to enable the Cloud Print service as well as sync your browser settings, including history, favorites, and extensions. Will be allowed on All your devices.
  • After logging in, click on the icon with the three-point icon Google Chrome in the upper right side of the Word window and click on the register settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Now scroll down to the tab that opens and then click on the advanced text that you can see on an arrow pointing down.
  • Now go to the bottom of the page and click the text Impressions under the title Google Cloud Print and then manage Google Print devices in voice Connect your printer to Google Cloud Print.
  • At this point, a web page will open where you have to click on the item Add Printers. At this point, on the next screen, a list of printers installed on the computer is loaded. Then place a checkmark with the name of the one you want to use to print to the tablet and then click the button. Add printers.
  • Also, if you want Google Print to automatically detect and provide all the new printers connected to your computer on your devices, don’t forget to leave a checkmark next to the words. Automatically register new printers to connect to the screen to select the printers I just presented to you.
  • You did it! Your printer is now associated with your Google Account and will be automatically identified by all Android devices associated with it.
  • At this point, you’re really ready to take action and be able to print from Android tablets. Next, go to your tablet and open the print you want to print.
  • If you are going to use Google Chrome to print from tablets, after viewing the print content on the screen, tap on the icon and call the browser command. The three-point symbol is located at the top right. From the drop-down menu, then tap the text Quota and then select the item Impressions.
  • At this point, just expand the menu to select the printers that appear at the top of the box, and then select the printer that you previously associated with your Google Account.
  • If appropriate, adjust the settings for the number of copies and pages, then indicate the size of the paper and the colors used, adjust the orientation of the sheets for printing, and finally touch the button. To add selected files to the Cloud Print queue. After these steps, the printing process will start automatically as soon as the printer is ready.
  • Please note that if you plan to print from a cloud-printed tablet using a printer designed for this purpose and compatible with the services, you can consult Google’s official support for more details. Get instructions that you can access by clicking here. Instead, click here to manage the printers already connected to your Google Account and view the corresponding print queue.

How To Print From Your Apple Tablet

If you have an iPad and you plan to learn how to print from tablets, know that you can count on the AirPrint service. If you’ve never heard of it, know that AirPrint is an Apple technology that enables tablets and printers to communicate wirelessly with each other.

  • To take advantage of AirPrint and therefore be able to print quickly and easily from Apple tablets, you need a printer with AirPrint support. If you do not know whether your printer is compatible with AirPrint technology, I suggest that you consult the user manual for this, clear indication. Alternatively, try contacting your printer maker’s customer service, they will be able to provide you with all the necessary details.
  • If you don’t already have an AirPrint printer and plan to purchase one, I suggest you click here. And take a look at the lists listed on Apple’s official website.
  • Once you are able to print from Apple tablets, confirm the availability of a printer using AirPrint technology, then turn it on by pressing its power button. Then go to your iPad’s home screen and show the screen you want to print on the screen and then press the button that represents it.
  • At this stage, if the printer is configured correctly and is within the limits of the iPad (tablet and printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network), it will be automatically detected on the menu. Printer tablet. Note that in some cases, although there is no problem, the printer may not detect it automatically.
  • To solve this problem, press the element. > Select the printer placed next to the door and press your printer name in the list of available ones.
  • • If you do not have an AirPrint printer and you do not intend to purchase it, you can print from an Apple tablet using appropriate applications, such as Pro Printer. This application is considered one of the best in its class and allows you to use any Wi-Fi printer connected to your computer and any wired printer, allowing you to print directly from the iPad.
  • The application is available in two versions: free trial, which allows you to determine if your printer works correctly with the iPad.
  • To print from the Apple Tablet with Printer Pro, simply install the application on your iPad, start by pressing its icon on the home screen, and touch the button. + Printer attached to the screen shown.
  • At this point, if your printer supports wireless connections, you should be able to select it from the menu that opens and see if it works with the application. If, on the other hand, your printer is connected, press the button is not listed then go to the desktop application and then go to install the Printer Pro client on your computer which you can download by clicking here. When the operation is complete, press the button The pre-installed e-Printer Pro will tell you if the device is compatible with the iPad.
  • Once your printer is connected to the app, you can simply print any type of open content button on your iPad from your tablet. A square symbol and an arrow going up.