There are lots of beautiful pictures in your smartphone gallery that you would like to print so that you can frame and expose them. It sounds like a great idea to me! Do it now! How to say you have no idea how to print photos from your mobile phone? I see, well, given the circumstances, why don’t you just take a few minutes off and focus on reading this topic? I am sure that in the end, you can say that you are happy and satisfied with the results.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone: in both cases, you can print photos from your smartphone in an easy and fast way. If you have a printer with built-in Wi-Fi support, much better, otherwise you can succeed in your endeavor with the help of special services and tools. In all cases, you don’t have to worry – I’ll give you the necessary explanation.

Finally, you can also rely on online printing solutions, which are accessible from mobile devices in the form of an application, which can order you to print your photos from the screen of your smartphone. The final results are really great, I assure you. Chat now, though, and move on to action. I wish you read well and have a lot of fun!

Preparation for print photos from your mobile phone

To be successful, print photos from your mobile phone before proceeding to specify how to proceed. You need to worry about connecting to your printer on a local network or an Internet (if you don’t already have one) So, of course) it depends on the type of connectivity support as well as your personal preferences. Let’s see how to do it now.

First, connect the printer to the electrical network using the appropriate power cable, then turn it on by pressing the power button, usually on the front of the device.

At the moment, if you have a Wi-Fi printer, you can take advantage of connecting it directly to your router. To do this, you must go to the menu Settings, using the integrated screen, access the section dedicated to the section Wireless Setup, select your Wi-Fi network from the list available, and the device connection Set up later using the on-screen buttons or the router’s WPS button. For more details on this, I invite you to connect the Wi-Fi printer.

If, on the other hand, you are in possession of the wired printer, insert both ends of the Ethernet cable (usually supplied) to the printer and the router’s dedicated ports.

If your printer does not support Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection locally, you can connect it via a USB or LPT cable to a computer connected to the network. Then you need to install insulation and software necessary for the operation of the computer and the device must be activated to share the printer via the printer panel settings de Windows or through System Preferences de the MacOS.

To further explain the last two connection types described, you can refer to my dedicated tutorial on how to connect the printer to the network.

In all cases, please note that printing from a mobile phone is only possible if the computer is turned on and connected to the same local network where the reference device is connected, except for printing through it. Google’s patented technology for cloud printing, which I’ll talk to you about later.

How to print photos from the android phones?

Once the above-mentioned initial operation is completed, you are finally ready to take real action and therefore you will discover how to print photos from your mobile phone. Let’s see how to do it in the case of Android.

Connect the Android phone to the printer

If your printer supports Wi-Fi connectivity for printing from your mobile phone, you must download and install Print Services is suitable for your device via the add-on Play Store.

To do this, therefore, open the Play Store from your smartphone by tapping on the relative icon (icon) that you will find. Drawer (the screen where all applications are grouped), then type Add to Print Services (printer brand) ( Plugins for former Epson Printing Services ) In the search field at the top, press the button with Select the relevant results from the Magnifying Glass Virtual Keyboard and from the list that appears. Then press the install button and in it, I agree (if necessary) to continue to download and install the plugin.

If this is easy for you, then there are links to Play Store parts of the major printer brands currently on the market.

If, on the other hand, you’re using a printer that doesn’t support wireless connectivity locally (or, in any case, as an alternative to the previous steps), you can connect your Android phone to later the Google Cloud Print, Google’s proprietary service for remote printing.

In order to use it, you need to create a service from your computer using your browser Google Chrome (you can, in fact, download Chrome in your tutorial by following the instructions provided in Can download.). In addition, you must be logged in with your browser. Google Account (If you don’t already have one, you can fix it by reading my guide on how to create Google Accounts) by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the little man window, pressing the Sync button Enabling your login details in the Open and Type menu.

Then type Chrome: // Devices in the browser address bar, press the button, click the button on the existing keyboard, add printers, and start the configuration process. If your printer supports locally, however, with Cloud Print, you must click the Registration button next to your name and follow the configuration procedure.

When you see the page with the list of printers connected to the computer, select the one you want to use to print images from mobile and press the Add Printers button. For more information, you can consult my tutorial on how to print from Android.

How to print photos from the iPhone printer?

How do you print directly from Apple’s home smartphone? Let’s find out now. It’s very simple, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about.

Connect the mobile iPhone to the printer

If you have an iPhone, establishing a connection between the printer and the mobile phone is child’s play: just use the service AirPrint de Apple, “Cut Apple” with locally connected and synchronized wireless printers in iOS The smartphone is able to connect to use this service, you do not need to do anything since Airprint creates itself.

If, on the other hand, you are using a printer that is not compatible with AirPrint or, in any case, wireless communication, you can take advantage of the application. Pro Printer, which acts as a “bridge” and works with almost all printers on the market. It costs, 7.99, but you can download and install a free trial version to verify that your printer is really compatible with the service offered.

Once the app is downloaded to your phone, launch it, press the button + printer in the middle of the screen, select your printer name from the list and follow the suggested simple manual procedure. For more information, see My tutorial focuses on printing from the iPhone.

Please note, after downloading and configuring Printer Pro on your device, if your printer is connected to the network via computer, you must also make sure to install the client. Pro desktop printer, free and available for both Windows and macOS: without it, you will not be able to print.


At this point, you can continue with the original printing of your iPhone photos. To do this, open the app image (which has) a white background and colorful flowers ) or, in any case, the application you use to manage the images in iOS, the existing relationship Select the image (or images) to print and press the Home screen, buttons by pressing the icon Share (who has) rectangles and arrows ).

At this point, if you want to take advantage of AirPrint to print, select this item from the Impressions opening menu, select your printer name from the menu Printer (at the top) and specify your buttons. How many copies do you want to print through (+) y (-) Store next door. Other settings to adjust (color and paper type), add menu options at the end of pressing it, touch this item Impressions top right

If, on the other hand, you want to print photos from your mobile phone via Printer Pro, select the option Print with Printer Pro from the Share menu and tap the button Impressions. If you want to adjust the printing options before you continue, touch the button Other Options in the Options (top right) on the new screen that displays and executes the available items and menus.

Application To Print Photos Online From Mobile Devices

As expected at the beginning of the publication, there are solutions that allow this operation to be integrated into special services to print photos from a mobile phone. Print online. If you are interested, proceed now or to identify the applications of those who, IMHO, form the most interesting suggestions in the category. All are free, but, as you can assume, photo printing is paid (except for special promotions).

  • Chairs (Android / iOS) – An application that lets you select images stored on your device and request a printed print, along with Delivery Home. It offers a lot of printing options, is very easy to use, and has a nice user interface.
  • Photos (Android / iOS) – a popular category application that allows you to order photo prints in classic formats and a variety of media. It offers a good personal margin and print photos can also be taken from Facebook. Please note that the first 20 prints are free.
  • FreePrints (Android / iOS) – Another application for printing photos from your mobile phone through an online service of the same name. You can select the type of photo paper used and create several additional customizations. It allows you to order 45 prints each month at no cost. More info here.

For more details about these apps, I refer you to read my tutorial on the photo printing application