It’s quite easy for anyone to take a screenshot on a smartphone but very few people know that it is also very easy to take a screenshot on a laptop. If you own a Toshiba laptop, you can take a screen capture or print screen easily. Read the following blog to learn how to print screen on a Toshiba laptop. Alternatively, you can consult our Toshiba Tech Support experts to get detailed guidance on this topic.

How to Print Screen on a Toshiba Laptop

Step 1: Switch on your laptop

Plug your laptop to a power source and switch it on. Wait for the laptop to boot up properly and wait until you see Windows desktop.

Step 2: Choose a screen to capture

Navigate to the site or place on your desktop that you want to capture or take a screenshot of.

Step 3: Capture the content of the screen

Press the “Print Screen” key to copy the contents of the screen. Find “PrtScn” key among the function keys on your keyboard. This key will let you copy the contents of the screen in the clipboard of the computer.

Step 4: Launch MS Paint

Click the Start Menu or Windows Orb and locate MS Paint. You can also search for the program in the Search bar.

Step 5: Paste the Screen Capture

In the MS Paint application, you would see an empty canvas on the Paint screen. Using the Ctrl + V shortcut paste the captured screen on it.

Step 6: Save the Image

Check if you are satisfied with the image, if yes then save it. In the Paint, window click on “File” which will print the drop-down menu. Now click on “Save as” which will ask you to enter name and format to save the image as.

Step 7: Exit the program

After you have saved the file name and the format of the saved image, exit the program. You can check the saved file in the file location.