Since purchasing your new HP printer, you have found the joy of displaying the documents you need and the image you want to keep on paper or in frames scattered around the house. However, the day he feared that the day would come, unfortunately: he knew that sooner or later he would run out of ink and somehow have to take steps to change it. The problem is that he has never done this before, so now he is in big trouble and is terrified of being able to break this printing device that he loves so much.

Well, I’m here to help you with this operation: I’ll explain it in detail below. HP also identifies highly efficient ways to replace HP Printer cartridges, the level of residual ink in used equipment, and techniques for purchasing the most suitable cartridge for your printer, so as not to make unnecessary purchases and Do not search for invalid reflectors as they do not fit your device. Don’t worry, it’s yours. Replacing cartridges for the first time can be a breeze – modern printers are, in fact, designed to make this operation extremely easy, and it’s also within the reach of people like you who know the technology well.

So what are you waiting for to get started? Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time for yourself, and carefully read everything I have to explain to you on this topic: I believe that, at the end of this reading, you will be in complete autonomy. You will be able to change the cartridge of your printing device completely. Refer to this “friend” friend you usually trust. That being said, I just wish you a happy reading and a good job.

Check the level of ink in the cartridge:

Before rushing to buy a new pair of cartridges for your printer, I recommend that you look at your ink level in advance, especially if your decision is due to less-than-perfect printing. : In fact, the latter may be the case. Cleaning up the headlines and/or cleaning up is enough to get everything back to normal.

Replace an HP Printer Cartridge in Windows

If you have the operating system Windows available, you can start a special program dedicated to HP printers and check the residual ink inside the printing supply, which you can call from the menu. Start (the icon in the form of a pen is located in the lower-left corner of the screen) and is the exact name of the printer model commonly used (e.g. HP DeskJet 3630 Series ), If you remember correctly, I have already shown you how to install and use this software in my HP Printer Installation Guide.

However, once the program starts, you can detect the ink level of the cartridge installed in the printer by looking at the button. The projected surface is located in the upper right corner.

To get more accurate information, just click the button above, wait for the program to connect to the printer, and see the information in the following window (among other things, the usable model is also specific).

Replace an HP Printer Cartridge in MacOS

If you’re using a Mac, press the icon in System Preferences attached to the pier (the size of the button) gear ) and then click on Printers and scanners residents on the proposed panel. Once working, select the printer you want to test for the level of residual ink from the left bar of the configuration panel, press the button Options and Supplies, and then click on the tab Surface and Supply Cartridge Filling Status To see.

If you can not, thus, complete the operation, press card General, then on the button to open the printer’s web page and press the button estimated ink levels associated with opening the Safari window on the screen. Also, in this case, the window displays valuable indications about the model of the consumables (e.g. 302XL ) installed on the device.

Replace an HP Printer Cartridge in Smartphones and tablets

However, if you plan to perform the same operation on smartphones and tablets, you can use this app. HP Smart is available for Android and iOS – once the application is downloaded and installed Start by calling it from the drawer or your device’s home screen and clicking on the section. The surface of the estimated cartridge is located in the upper center to display a summary screen on the residual ink from the equipment used in your possession. Please note that in order to use HP Smart, the phone/tablet and printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Buy always right HP Printer cartridges

How do you say your prints were correct and now the printer cartridges are out of stock? Perfect, then it’s time to figure out which accessories are right for your printing device to avoid unusable purchases due to incompatibility.

First, two types of cartridges are generally available for HP printers: first, the defined black contains only ink, while second, the so-called trichome contains three colors (magenta, cyan, and yellow). ) Used to create different colors during the printing phase.

Each HP printer model has a different usable model identified by the company as HP and a numeric code: the reference printer used in this guide ( HP DeskJet 3630 ), for example, supports type cartridges does HP 302 (black tricolor). In addition, the manufacturer offers two different “sizes” of consumables: quality, suitable for those who do not use the printer deeply, and even for XL (for example, HP 302XL) ), Which contains more ink and is suitable for frequent printers.

Having said that, it’s time to specifically identify the most suitable cartridge model for your printer: of course, the easiest way to do this is by going to the section. Ink level management HP management software or smartphone and tablet application.

Typically, the usable model is described immediately below the graphical representation of the residual ink level, and you can proceed with the buttons shown on the screen (eg by purchasing directly from the HP store).

If you don’t want or can’t use the printer’s proprietary app, you’ll still have a chance to figure out which cartridges are compatible with it through the manufacturer’s website – by linking to that website With. Click on the button Search by Printer Model Located on the left, and start typing the exact model of your printer in the search area (eg. DeskJet 3630 ), in the menu that appears on the screen in the suggested people. Select the most relevant result and press the size button Magnifying glass.

If the printer does not appear in the list or if the menu does not appear at all, tap the item Do you need help finding your printer model? And use the three suggested drop-down menus to enter information about the printing device: Select the item Tinta. From the menu type printer, then select Printer Family (p. Inkjet o Deskjet ) and finally the proposed printer model in those.

Once the necessary information is entered, the page automatically reloads, and, a little further down, specific cartridges for your own printer are displayed: if you wish, you can purchase directly through the HP Store. By pressing the hint money button you want to buy the used items. Buy it now and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Hold on to HP’s website for a moment, know that cartridges can also be purchased at online stores such as Amazon or eBay, in a large chain of electronic products, or in stores specializing in printing products: In this case, you can also be offered so-called cartridges. Compatible ie, the equipment used is physically the same as the original but full of non-HP ink. Adopting this solution can lead to savings which are very important, however, the quality of the resulting prints cannot be guaranteed.

Lastly, to save more, you can also buy real DIY refill kits to recreate the existing cartridges yourself: these kits usually come in four color boxes (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow). ) And include syringes to replenish used items. I have given you the necessary instructions in my guide on how to recreate the cartridge for success in this task.

Tips for Replace an HP Printer Cartridge

Were you able to buy the most suitable consumables for your printer? Perfect, it’s time to understand how to change cartridges in the HP printer to start printing everything on your paper.

Before leaving, I would like to point out some basic points: When replacing cartridges, you should avoid touching the copper contacts inside the dedicated houses, so as to avoid damage to them. Also, I advise you not to use excessive force when removing or inserting the cartridges, otherwise, it may break the locking mechanism: if the cartridge offers resistance, stop and Try repeating the extraction/addition more slowly.

With this, let’s jump into the immediate process: First, pull the printer open on the outer door a little towards you and repeat the same operation with it. On some HP printer models placed inside the cartridge access door, you may need to top them up one by one and pull them up gently to grip the side edge.

At this point, move to the center of the printer, consisting of car cartridges – wait until it is completely stable, thus allowing the appropriate equipment holders to access the “hand-held” equipment. put it. Then, do an exercise. Light pressure on the cartridge is in your best interest to release it from the housing and pull you slightly to remove it.

Note: On some printer models, you may need to act on a spring hook or lift the flap to properly release the cartridge.

Once you have removed the old cartridge from the print, take the new cartridge out of its packaging, and remove the masking tape that protects the copper contacts (always be careful not to touch them). And holding the copper part towards the printer, re-insert the cartridge into the housing and press it gently until you hear a “click” indicating the correct position. If necessary, close the door that “seals” the user’s cart.

If you need to change the time the cartridge is black as ink cartridges track my Please is inserted in the printer to the Focus on the order in which the models I wrote this lesson, tri-color ink cartridge on the left Should be inserted, while the ink cartridge should be in the right slot.

After replacement, gently close the cartridge access door and repeat the operation with the outer door (or close the upper compartment of the printer by gently lowering it down): this process is finally completed and the mechanical After a series of operations, the vehicle automatically returns to its original position.

If you have a printer available HP MFP will create a special page to align the ink cartridge (which will start automatically): After printing the sheet, to continue the operation, print it in the scanner ۔ At the bottom of the mirror, close the lid and copy the black or color and press the button to start voila.

How to tell if you have followed the instructions I provided in the letter but have not yet been able to complete the procedure, as some unforeseen events occurred during the work? If so, I invite you to check out the HP Customer Care section.