Does your printer Canon Pixma still warn you that the ink is gone? Do you want to replace the cartridge but, being impractical about the technology, you don’t know how to do it? Then you will be happy to know that you are in the right place at the right time: in fact, I will explain it to you soon. 

How to replace the Canon Pixma printer cartridge

As a result, you’ll be able to understand how cartridges are synchronized with your printer, how to install them correctly, and so you can manage your documentation without any minor issues. And reprint photos. Also, if I need it, I will explain how to check the printer ink level through some practical utilities available for Windows, Mac OS, and mobile devices.

Courage: What do you do there? Do you want to reuse your printer for your projects? Yes, then read and follow the short instructions below. I assure you that, in a short time, you will have reached your goal and with your Canon Pixma you will print everything you want.

Before I go into the details of the procedure, how to replace the Canon Pixma printer cartridge is important to explain to me how to check the ink level and how to find the altered material, unpleasant surprises. To avoid In fact, each printer only supports certain types of cartridges, so it is very helpful to know the exact model.

Check Ink level in the Canon printer cartridge.

Before buying a new cartridge, I recommend checking the ink surface cartridge in the printer. In fact, there are many variables involved in these matters and it is always good to be careful to avoid spending unnecessary money.

Please note that the first ink warning is provided directly by the printer. In fact, one of the many devices in the Canon Pixma series is the LCD screen placed on its forehead where there is a special message whenever the user tries to print and the ink disappears. In some cases, the device also indicates to change the cartridge model (or cartridges).

In addition, some printer models have a built-in function that shows the ink surface cartridge directly on the LCD screen. If you do not know whether your printer offers this possibility, I invite you to consult the manual and see the settings your printer summarizes, in some cases to find the information you need. No need to go through third-party devices.

However, one of the most popular ways to check ink levels is to take advantage of drivers designed for Windows or Macs: if you still need to install, I suggest you download Canon drivers. And I recommend checking out my guide on how to install it. By doing this Windows 10 I recommend that you press the Start button at the bottom left and select the gear icon on the side of the menu shown on the screen.

Next, select the icon from the Tools window that opens, and then click the item Printers and Scanners. From the list on the left, at this point, press the name of your printer (often followed by the word ” Printer “)

Then select the card maintenance and see the status of the oral printer. Then press the ink details and you will find the ink level in the window that appears on the screen: From here you can also go to the cartridge model used by your printer by clicking the item. 

If you are using a computer equipped with Windows 8.x or earlier you will have to go to the Start by pressing the Control Panel button (the flag icon in the lower-left corner of the screen) and then the appropriate icon from the menu that opens. to choose.

Next, select the item View Accessories and Printers Press the right mouse button Printer icon You want to see the ink level in the cartridge (often called ” Printer ” at the end) and select the item Print Preferences Context And from the lesson menu.

At this point, go to the card. Click the item from the Restore window that opens. View the status of the printer and select Ink Details from the window that appears on the screen: For more information, I suggest you use Canon. Consult the official guidelines.

en Mac, However, there is a local function of the operating system that allows you to check the ink level: to take advantage of the latter, you must select the item by clicking on System Preferences and clicking on the gear icon. What do you get spring down?

Then, in the window that opens, press the Printers and Scanners icon and select Canon Pixma Printer from the menu that appears on the left. Finally, click on the Item Options and Supplies and Switch to the Layer Layer tab: there you will find all the details you need.

Check the ink level instead if you wish. Smartphone or tablet, I suggest you take advantage of the official application Canon Print Inkjet. To install the latter, open the Play Store (if you have an Android device) or the App Store (if you’re using an iPhone or iPad), search for ” Canon Inkjet ” in the latter and select Application Icon (a printer with an orange / gray background). Then continue with the installation by pressing the button Install / Get and, if you are on iOS, verify your identity with ID, Touch ID, or Apple ID password.

Once the app is installed, tap the item I agree and then then, press the “+” icon in the upper left and press yes to activate Bluetooth your From a smartphone, the app will start searching for a printer connected to your network, and when done, you’ll need to press the device name, which can be managed remotely.

At this point, press the printer icon to check the ink level from your smartphone (or tablet) at the top of the app’s homepage and tap the item Printer Info.

If your printer is compatible, it will show you all the information you are looking for. Alternatively, you can always discover the ink model number to change the cartridge model by pressing Write

Find Replacement Ink Cartridges

As with alternative cartridges, there are many ways to understand which products are compatible with your printer, and there are many retailers, both online and offline, that allow you to purchase them.

To quickly find the right cartridge for you, go to the Canon official website and select your printer’s serial (formerly PIXMA MX ). To understand your printer series, I suggest you refer to the “a” visual inspection “(often the model number is written on the front of the printer) or the manual.

If your printer series is not on the homepage of the site, click this item View all printer series, then select your printer name (if it does not appear, press View all printer names ) and a page Will appears on the screen where you can view and purchase cartridges according to your printer.

The products that can be purchased are usually as follows: multiple packages (containing black and colored cartridges), multi-ink (one and multiple cartridges), high output ink (cartridges that last longer) Live, often in XL format), standard ink or photo paper (sheets for photo printing). My advice is to buy XL formats if available: they last longer and often save money.

To purchase a cartridge, click the item Add to Cart and press the bag icon located in the upper right. Next, press the Buy Now Credit or Debit Card or Use PayPal Now pays to use your PayPal account. Finally, enter the shipping and payment details by following the on-screen instructions. Canon promises to deliver the items purchased on its site in 3-5 business days. For more details, I advise you to consult the official guidelines.

Aside from the Canon site, cartridges can also be purchased explicitly in online stores like Amazon or, alternatively, in major electronics and/or printing chains. In this case, you can use the same portal that I mentioned earlier or take advantage of the instructions in the chapter on how to check the ink level of the cartridge to find the model of the cartridge.

If, on the other hand, you want to save a little more and agree to take the time to handle your printer, you can consider my tutorial on recreating your cartridges. This procedure involves the purchase of a special. A raffle kit, usually a syringe for different colors and four bottles of ink.

Replace the Ink cartridge in Canon Printer

Once you have confirmed that your Canon Pixma printer cartridges are really empty and once you have found the space for all the products you need to replace them, I will say that you are done. The car is ready to go.

To do this, turn on the printer and check that everything is OK (LED, the device is working) and open the door that is usually on the front under the scanner. In some cases, depending on the model you have available, there may be a special button to do so. 

Otherwise, in other cases, you must go to Settings de LCD screen and find the option to change the cartridge. If you don’t really understand how to do this, I suggest you check out this guide from your printer.

Then find the cartridge you need to replace (there are stickers that can help you) Make a light pressure on the tongue located at the bottom of the cartridge, to free it from its housing, lift it up Remove from the printer.

Take the new cartridge package, location, and open it and remove the plastic and the cap is attracted to the electrical connections and apply the ink outlet holes, adhesive indicator.

Install the cartridge in the correct slot, carry it through the edges, and make sure the links are oriented. Print head side. If you can’t figure out how to do it, look at the writing direction of the other cartridges and hold the one you are holding. Next, lightly press on the cartridge you are holding until you hear a “click”, which will confirm that the cartridge has been inserted correctly.

Repeat the steps just described for each cartridge you need to replace. Later close the door and press the button to recognize the new cartridges for a good device printer. Great, you managed to reach your goal. Watch? It wasn’t hard!

When the procedure is complete, remember to dispose of the old cartridge, blocking the ink outlet hole with the tab that previously stored the cartridge, which can leave stains to avoid the remnants of the ink.

Tips for Replace an Ink Cartridges in the Canon Printer

How to tell if you have followed the instructions I gave you in the previous chapters but still haven’t succeeded in replacing your printer cartridge? Have you encountered unexpected problems during construction? To resolve this, I suggest you contact Canon Help Center online.

To succeed in this endeavor, you just need to link to the reference page. Write the name of your printer model in the research field and select the most relevant advice from the ones you see on the screen.

A page will open with all the information you need. Specifically, I recommend that you view the cards, read the manual y error code, and the portal’s suggested instructions, and follow them. If you want to contact Canon directly.