The first thing the users should keep in their mind when resetting the Brother Printer is that they will not be able to give any sort of print commands further. So in case, the users have any sort of work with regards to giving print then that should be done first and after that, they should reset their Brother Printer toner. Also, users should ensure that they have a new printer toner before starting the resetting process. Once that has been done then they can move further for the same.

Users can simply do is move down the tutorial and follow the steps mentioned below in order to get the one-stop solution for the issue.

Reset Brother Printer toner 

Step 1: Users will need to start the process of resetting the Brother Printer by turning the Printer Off and then they can simply wait for a couple of minutes before they again turn it ON.

Step 2: Users will now need to open their Printer cover which they can do by either lifting the same or by simply lifting the lever on the side. In case the users are not sure about the same then they can either follow the manual or directly seek advice from the experts of the domain.

Step 3: Users will now need to print the cancel and print buttons at the same time on their Brother Printer and after having done that they can simply press the + button.

Step 4: Users will now need to scroll down and then from there they can simply select the toner that they would want to reset.

Step 5: Users can finally press the OK or the enter option in order to complete the reset option in an effective manner and get the work done effectively.