Display a strange warning on the LCD screen or don’t want to know anything else about how to work properly at the time of purchase. The computer alerts you to one or more errors, it is clear that something is wrong as it should be. In such cases, knowing how to restart the Epson printer, however, can be very helpful.

By rearranging the Epson printer, it is actually possible to return the device in its possession to its original state, the factory, so that you can at least restore the correct operation in most cases. Sometimes, in fact, printers, Epson, and No, get stuck and start creating all sorts of problems that can be solved by rebooting immediately.

So if you plan to figure out what you need to do to reconfigure the Epson printer, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and read the following lines carefully. I’m sure you’ll eventually be able to restart the Epson printer, and the fact is that it will highlight all the recent troubles when trying to use your device.

How to Reset Epson Printer

If you want to restart the Epson printer the first thing to do is to turn off the device by pressing the appropriate on/off button on the device, disconnect the power cord from the power source, and then any other cables connecting the printer to the computer. Disconnect

Then reconnect the power cord to the printer, press the on/off button, and then press the keys simultaneously. y character. When the button’s relative lead role will first start flashing the pressed buttons and then immediately press the key Tinta. The button is pressed once for at least ten seconds. The leads must understand the normal state and the printer must continue to operate.

You can try to print any document to verify that the Epson printer reset mission has been successful and that all of the above issues have been resolved.

If the above indicator did not have the desired effect, please try to find the appropriate recovery method for your printer on the Epson website.

Then click on the icon Magnifying Glass located in the upper right, you have the model of the printer that appears in the search bar (for example, Epson Workforce WF-2630WF), and select the device name from the search results ۔

Then click on the icon support at the bottom of the printer’s image presentation, and go to manuals and documentation. And select Printer Manual ( User’s Guide ) to learn more about how to restart in the latter.

If, unfortunately, the printer manual does not include device maintenance information, go to Google and search for the ad hoc guide (for example, reset the Epson Work for WF-2630WF).

Reset Settings For Epson Printer

If you do not want to reset your printer because it is turned off, but you only want to restore your settings to factory conditions, use the screen directly on the device. Normally just go to the top Nature and select the option Restore Default Settings (ie Restore Default Settings) from the menu that opens. For more information on this procedure, see your printer’s manual.

Remove Updates Printer Drivers

If the above procedure does not allow you to reset your printer properly, you can try uninstalling the drivers associated with the latter.

  • If you have a Windows computer, you can open the printer drivers and install the control panel uninstall a program, and choose all the software related to the world Epson. The removal procedure should be quite simple: after selecting the Epson software, just click on the button Install / Change follow the instructions on the screen, and usually just always press Next / Next and that’s it) If you use Windows 10, you can uninstall the Epson drivers by going to Settings (the Settings icon in the Start menu) and selecting items from the System> Applications and Features screen.
  • The next step is to go to Utility Device Management and verify that the PC has “forgotten” the printer. You can access the Device Manager by pressing the menu Start Writing Device Management in the search field below and then clicking on the first available results.
  • Then wait until the Device Management window appears, then find the printer in the device list and, if present, right-click.
  • Then select the article from the Properties menu and in the new window that will first click on the Insert and then the Install button. Then press the button to end the good process and confirm the application of the changes made.
  • If you use Mac-only access the section System Preferences, Press Sound Printers, and Scanners, select the Epson Printer attached to the menu on the left and click the button  to end the procedure at the bottom, Close the section window. Printers and scanners.
  • Proceed by first turning off the computer and then the printer. Then disconnect the printer from the computer by disconnecting any cable used for the connection. Finally, disconnect the printer’s power cable from the menus completely.
  • You have also passed this step, you must reinstall the drivers for the printer on your computer (which should restart in the meantime) and follow the procedure to connect the device to the computer. You probably already know how to do this, in any case, if you need help you can read our tutorial on how to download Epson driver. And how to connect to a printer in which I have shown you the whole process by thread and symbol.

At this point, you should finally be able to rearrange Epson’s impressions. Try to print a test page to make sure everything is going well.

SSC Service Utility For Epson Printer Resetter

In a frustrating situation where I have already told you about restarting the Epson printer that it is unable to affect two ways, do not be afraid, you still have a chance: to use Resort to SSC Service Utility. This is free software for the Windows operating system that allows you to restart the Epson printer working on cartridges.

  • To restart the Epson printer with the Epson service utility, click here to connect to the program’s download page. Then scroll through the displayed webpage until you find the item I agree with all the above statements and want to download the software (v4.30) and start downloading the program Click on it.
  • Wait for the SSC service utility to download on your computer and then press the file ssc save.exe to start the installation procedure.
  • Then click lo twice in a row Next button, add a checkmark along with the entry I accept the agreement and press again Next four times in a row Click the button at the end Install and complete the program installation procedure Wait for To conclude, press Finish.
  • Now wait a moment for the SSC Service Utility window to appear, then click on the tab Reset and take advantage of the special controls on the special screen to try to keep the Epson printer cartridge in your possession.

Please note that the SSC service utility supports different types of different Epson printers. However, if you have an older printer, the SSC Service Utility cannot support it. You can view the full list of Epson printers by viewing the program’s download webpage in collaboration with the SSC Service Utility.