HP Printer is quite popular among the current buyers of printers. The brand value it provides is second to none. With all the services and the quality of work, it ensures that the customers get what they desire always. A regular user of the printer of this brand will never shift his loyalty to other brands because of the smooth operating experience he gets with the printer of this brand. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps through which you can change the wi-fi password on your HP Wireless Printer very easily. Well, if you wish to know how to setup HP Printer Wi-Fi password of your printing machine, then there are a few steps that you are supposed to follow.

How do I change my password for my HP wireless printer?

First, open the control panel, and then select the HP printer from the list that has got devices and printers. Then tap on the properties to open the setting page associated with it. The settings page will open mostly in a new window or tab.

  • Then directly go to the password settings and then enter the current password you are having for the printer.
  • After that, it will ask for a new password. Try to enter a very strong password so that your printer is always safe. Then again input the new password to confirm it. Make sure that the password is remembered by you. That password should not be so difficult that even you cannot remember it.

These are the basic steps that you should know in case you are wondering how to setup HP Printer Wi-Fi password. Setting up a password for this printer is as easy as operating it for which it is very famous among its customers.

How to recover or reset HP Wifi password?

In case you have forgotten the password of this printer, then this is the section for you. It might look difficult initially but do not panic as this article has got your back.

  • Find the reset or restore button that should be usually there on your printer. You can mostly find it inside the printer but if it is not there then check for other places too.
  • Then remove the cartridge from the printer before continuing in case you have not removed it already.
  • Then insert a tool that fits properly into the tiny hole where the reset button is there. Then press the OK button on the other side too. Prefer to tap on both the buttons together.
  • Then plug in the printer and you can easily enter the new password.

These are the steps you need to follow for resetting the password if you have lost or forgotten it. If you are a regular user of this printer, then this is something you should remember. Even the after-sales support team are there to help you out. You just need to contact them and ask for free assistance.