Lexmark is one of the foremost and most popular manufacturers of printers and delivers a varied range of wireless printers with different models & designs for office & home use.

Therefore, in this blog, you will learn about ‘How  to Setup Lexmark Printer Wi-Fi Password?’ or how you can connect your Lexmark printer to Wi-Fi, in case you have lost the Wi-Fi credentials or you are viewing poor network performance.

Important Credentials That You Needed Before Setup Lexmark Printer Wi-Fi Password:

You must have the required following credentials to set up & connect to a wireless network. These are:

  • Wireless Network Name (SSID)
  • Wireless Network Key (Password)

How Setup Lexmark Printer Wi-Fi Password?

Easy Steps Connect & Setup Lexmark Printer Wi-Fi Password:

Those users who don’t know ‘How to Setup Lexmark Printer Wi-Fi Password?’, who’s can follow the below given simple steps to connect the Lexmark printer to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Setup Lexmark Printer to the Network

Firstly, ensure that Wi-Fi settings are open so that it’s easy to set up Lexmark printers to a Wi-Fi network. Then choose your network from the available list of networks.

Step 2: Enter the Password

Then enter the correct password to connect the printer to the network.

Step 3: Install & Download the Lexmark Printer Driver

  • After connecting your Lexmark printer to the Wi-Fi network, you will require installing the printer driver.
  • Then open the official Lexmark website, then search for the product or your Lexmark printer model, and find the correct driver related to it.
  • Now download the driver for the Lexmark printer model and then follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  • The driver will permit you to use the Lexmark printer from any PC linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Set Up Wi-Fi Printing

  • Once the Lexmark printer driver is installed properly, then you can go to the set-up wireless printing process.
  • Then open the Lexmark printer’s control panel and then choose the “Wireless Printing” option, which will open a window, then enter the correct name and password of the Wi-Fi network.
  • After entering the details, your Lexmark printer model will be connected and prepared to print wirelessly.
  • Now you understood ‘How  to Setup Lexmark Printer Wi-Fi Password?’ But, now this is not the end of the process. Follow the next step, to print a test page to check everything is working appropriately.

Step 5: Do a Test for Print a Page

Ready to print a test page, then, go to your Lexmark printer’s control panel section, and choose the “Print Test Page” option. It will print a test page, so now verify the print quality and proper connectivity to the network.

Step 6: Start Printing Wirelessly

After following the right instructions, and connecting your Lexmark printer to a Wi-Fi network, you can start printing wirelessly.


In case, if you have any kind of issue in setup your Lexmark printer to a Wi-Fi network! So then you can contact a Lexmark customer service professional for quick help & guidance for ‘How  to Setup Lexmark Printer Wi-Fi Password?’ within a very short time and effortlessly.