Sometimes Ricoh Printer users are unable to set up Ricoh Printer Wi-Fi Password and looking for immediate help so just read the below-presented ways to know how  To Setup Ricoh Printer Wi-Fi Password manually & factory settings. 

How to get My Ricoh Printer WIFI Password?

Before starting about how Setup Ricoh Printer Wi-Fi Password? Users must know the actual location of the Ricoh Printer WIFI Password. Just, read the below-given pointers:

  • If you need to print wirelessly then your Ricoh printer should be connected to the wireless network, so you can find the Ricoh printer WIFI password there easily.
  • Also, your WIFI password as the passcode or wireless network key related to your WIFI router to connect over WIFI. So, that WIFI Password can easily be found on the router itself.
  • The wireless password is generally provided by the ISP, then you can record that password when you may have got the connection.

How Setup Ricoh Printer Wi-Fi Password Manually:

  • On your RICOH PRINTER, go to the ‘Home’ menu.
  • Tick the ‘RIGHT ARROW’, and then choose the ‘SETUP’ menu, and then ‘NETWORK’.
  • Now, scroll down till you view ‘RESTORE NETWORK DEFAULTS’, and tap on it. Hit on ‘Yes’.
  • Wait for a few minutes, till the default settings are restored.
  • Then tap on the ‘WIN+R’ key together to open the CONTROL PANEL section. Then you must pick the ‘DEVICES & PRINTERS’ section.
  •  Now, RIGHT-CLICK on your wireless ’RICOH PRINTER’ icon. Hit on ‘PROPERTIES’.
  • Tap on the ‘PASSWORD’ icon. Then enter your NEW PASSWORD.
  •  Click on the ‘SAVE’ button.

How Setup the Ricoh Printer Wi-Fi Password via Default Settings? 

You need to simply reset your Printer to its default settings to solve the issue. Then follow these steps:

  • Turn Off your RICOH PRINTER.
  • Then disconnect the power cable from your Ricoh printer during 40-50 SECONDS. Then reconnect it.
  • Next, TURN ON your Printer by just pressing and holding on to the ‘RESUME’ button. Then the attention light will turn on.
  • After that release the ‘RESUME’ button. Then attention and ready lights cycle while the printer RESTORES FACTORY defaults.
  • Now, set a NEW PASSWORD.

How Setup Ricoh Printer Wi-Fi Password Via Web Browser? 

  • Open any WEB BROWSER such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Bing, or others.
  • Then, ENTER THE IP ADDRESS for the RICOH ROUTERS, you must type in the search area of the web browser.
  • Then, you need to enter your USERNAME so you can write ADMIN & then, the password section must BLANK.
  • Now, click on the Enter button and you will reach directly under THE CONTROL PANEL of the router.
  • Choose the RESET PASSWORD option & CREATE a PASSWORD.
  • Finally, enter the USERNAME & PASSWORD.

Therefore, users can easily reset their Ricoh printer password using the above-presented instructions and in case, if you are facing any trouble resetting your Ricoh printer password so you must avail yourself the assistance of the technical expert from the Ricoh printer customer service helpdesk.