Unable to print from your new printer? Or maybe you are facing difficulty in printing from your 1.5 year old printer. It is worrisome if the printing machine is taking more than 1 page while printing. HP printers are globally known for their fine finish, attractive design, flawless performance, and minimum electricity consumption. Driven by the simplicity and user-friendliness of their products, this company is holding more than 40% share of the printing machine market. So, it is definitely a good decision if you have purchased a printer. The problem is just a matter of a few minutes, we are going to solve your issue right now. 

Check the paper quality 

Paper quality could be an important reason behind the reason if HP Printer feeding multiple sheets at once. So, please check the quality of the paper you are using. The issue could be your paper if your printer pulls too many pages. Maybe your paper quality is too low to print in the right way. So, be sure you are using the right quality paper. 

Check out the noise-dampening foam

If the printer is grabbing multiple sheets, the foam is becoming noise-dampening and sticky. The issue can be your dampening foam. It will prevent the release plate from releasing and hence, the roller will keep rolling and pick up more paper than needed. Simply replace the noise-dampening foam.

Have you cleaned up the rollers? 

  • Turn off the printing machine 
  • Disconnect the machine from the power outlet and open the rear access door
  • Remove it if you have any paper stuck inside the printer 
  • Now you are suggested to clean the rollers with the use of a lint-free cloth
  • Make use of distilled water for the best result 
  • Rotate the rollers to be cleaned from all sides
  • Go for cleaning the bottom rollers
  • You may face challenges in reaching out to the bottom rollers
  • In that case, use a wet cotton swab to clean them
  • Now you need to clean the rollers on the rear access door 
  • Wait 2/3 minutes and check whether the problem is still there

Deal with your rubber paper grabber

If the issue is related to the rubber paper grabber, you can find the problem very easily. Maybe the rubber paper grabber is becoming smoother and causes the printer to pick up multiple papers instead of one. Use a nail file to make the rubber coarser. There are users who have reported that the solution has not worked for their printer, but you are advised to try this if HP Printer feeding multiple sheets at once. 

Talk to the after-sales support engineers 

The tech support engineers associated with this printing machine manufacturing company are driven by their years of industry experience. Widely known as after-sales support engineers, these professionals have been serving the users of printing machine for a long time. You can contact them in a plethora of methods, including phone support and social media support. The after-sales support professionals are known for their commitment to deliver and flawlessness in providing support services.