The HP printer series has become the first choice of users because it offers plenty of unique features, a compact design & fastest on their printers. But, sometimes users have trouble with wireless connectivity issues or errors with HP wireless printers. So, if you are one of them and your HP Printer is not connected to WIFI, then you don’t need to worry. Just, follow the below-given step-by-step troubleshooting steps and fix the wireless connection issue.

Fix Internet Connection Issue with HP Printer

First of all, turn off your printer from using the power button and then, switch off your router.

Then wait for a while and then, switch on all the devices (computer, router, and printer).

Now check the latest updated printer software and run the network connection test report for the perfect solution.

If again, the HP printer is showing a wireless connection issue or the HP Printer is not connected to WIFI, so install the HP printer diagnostic tools and troubleshoot the area of the network.

Methods to Troubleshoot If HP Printer is Not Connecting to WIFI:

You can follow the below-given methods to troubleshoot the issue with troubleshooting a wireless printer.

Verify the Internet Connection

Firstly, users need to check the internet connection and network connectivity, when HP Printer is not connected to WIFI.  Also, ensure that the router & printer must be powered ON.

Verify the Network Configuration

Then, visit the control panel of the HP printer model and then choose the network configuration page. (Check if any error occurred)

Check the Router Frequency Range

Sometimes, router frequency creates a WIFI connectivity issue. Then you should also check the router frequency and the frequency must be 2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz.

Verify the Wireless Network Range

Keep in mind, the printer is always placed within the range of wireless networks. The HP printer must place within 30m of the router.

Check the Correct installation Printer Driver & Software

Still, if you are facing the issue of an HP Printer not being connected to WIFI, then be upset.  Just check whether the printer driver and software are installed properly or not. Sometimes, the wrong installation creates a network connectivity issue, so verify this thing.

Update the latest Printer Driver & Software

In case, if you doubt the installation procedure you have followed, then try to uninstall and then reinstall the updated/latest printer driver by going to the HP official website to fix HP wireless printer difficulties.

Restart Devices

The problem of HP Printers not being connected to WI-FI also may arise due to the HP printer network issue problem. Then to rectify the issue you should try to remove the USB cable and Ethernet cables. Then try to restart the devices; Computer/Laptop, Router, and Printer again and then see if these fixed the issue.

Hence, with the help of all the above-mentioned methods, you can troubleshoot the HP Wireless Printer Problems or WIFI connection issues quickly.

HP Printer not Connected to the Internet or Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

HP Printer Not Connecting to WiFi Network- printer is a device that helps one to get the depiction of graphics or text on paper and there are different kinds of printer one can choose between depending on the requirement however getting a print is possible if the printer is connected to the internet and if users have a concern follow the steps as laid

How to Connect WiFi Network in HP Printer?

Prepare for Installation of HP Printer to WiFi Internet:

  • Please ensure that the computer and router are on and the computer is connected to your wireless network and the printer is also connected to the same internet
  • Set up the printer, load the paper into the tray, and do install the ink cartridges
  • Please turn off the printer but it should be within the range of the router while the setup procedure is complete
  • Install Printer Software
  • Ensure that all USBs are disconnected from the printer
  • You are not required to go on /dj2600and hit on download and run HP Easy start
  • Now you will be asked to select your printer, click on the option My Printer is Not Shown and you will be able to see the screen then click continue and select Wireless network (if applicable) and click on continue
  • Now you will be required to follow the onscreen instructions

Note: In case one is not able to download one can seek help by going to HP Customer Support and looking for the option Software and the Driver downloads then hit on the printer you will be required to enter the details of the printer model number and once the details have been entered click on the summit and do ensure that the version of your windows is correct, below the Driver-product installation software heading click on option Download in order to get the full software package and in case you are looking for Basic Drivers in case you are looking for drivers option.

HP Printer Connection Problem with Internet, How to Fix?

Here we go with the techniques for fixing this issue. If you are unable to resolve the HP printer connection problem by following these troubleshooting methods, please contact the printer customer helpline number for any further information. Your issue will be resolved in a few times. You can call this number at any hour of the day.

Connect to the printer with a cable

Is there any internet signal issue with your printer? If your printer works via a USB cable, you need to transfer it. You can use the cable to connect the printer.

Confirm the mobile network

This is important in homes with Wi-Fi range extenders. The extender creates two networks; first, connect maybe your printer and another laptop making connection impossible. In that case, you connect to the correct network or move the printer closer to the primary router.

Reset the printer

This is perhaps the best option for you to troubleshoot the HP printer connection problem. It will clear every setting including your internet information then you can easily re-establish the printer connection. You can follow the instruction for performing a reset varying by brand and model. If the printer liquid crystal display, the command is found in the printer’s setting menu. For some HP model printers, you will need to turn off the printer, unplug it for 30 seconds and turn it on while holding down the resume button for 10 to 20 seconds. You may have to look online or consult the owner’s manual for step-by-step follow instructions.