If you are an HP printer user, and using the HP printer for your office or business, or home purpose tasks, then you must understand the HP Printer quality and excellent printing features. Therefore, sometimes you may have come across an issue like HP Printer Not Turning Onwhen the issue occurs you may feel frustrated especially when have to do some important work task.

This guide will clarify the most common causes of why your HP Printer is not turning on or shutting off correctly. Also, you will know the correct ways & procedures to fix these problems.

Causes Why HP Printer Not Turning On?

Power supply issue on your HP printer

USB connector

Power adapter 

Faulty wires & wall outlets

Poor connection

Hardware issue

Fault surge protectors

Procedures To Fix HP Printer Not Turning On Problem:

Procedure 1: Verify the Power Supply

To fix the issue HP Printer Not Turning On, first, you will have to do to ensure that your Printer power source is working correctly. If you have a diverse power cord, then try to connect it to the HP printer just to verify the power outlet’s functioning.

  • First, disconnect the power cord or wall outlet.
  • Then connect the printing device to an alternative working outlet.
  • Change on the printer, and if it’s turned ON you can rest all the process here.
  • In case, if not, then follow the step by finding a printing device’s power cord with a similar connection. After that, connect the cord to the wall outlet and your HP printer.
  • Now switch on the HP Printer, possibly it will turn ON.

Procedure 2: Disconnect the USB Connector

If the above procedure doesn’t work, then the issue is persisting! The possible issue occurs due to USB wire, so then the solution is to replace & remove it. Then, try to disconnect the USB connector located at the back of your HP printer. After complete disconnection, try to turn ON your printer. You will notify that your HP printer starts flawlessly.

Procedure 3: Shut off your HP Printer

After applying the above solution you can also do to shut off your HP Printer which will only take less than time, and fix the issue HP Printer Not Turning On quickly.

  • First of all, disconnect all the power from your HP printer.
  • Then unplug the power source from the wall socket. Then wait for some time.
  • Then again you can reconnect the Power cable to the wall outlet.
  • Next, connect the power cord to the HP printer.
  • This process will manually shut down and restores the printer’s functionalities. Then turn off your printer and then start again, it will respond properly.

Procedure 4: Set HP Printer as Your Default Printer

When HP Printer Not Turning Onthen you can do one thing is that to set your HP printer as the default printer.

  • Go to the Devices and Printers section from the Control Panel.
  • Find your HP printer model in the printing devices menu list.
  • Once you find it, right-click on it and then select the option set as default printer. Click Yes to confirm it.