A series of HP printers are the most popular and preferred by users, due to its gives high-quality printing service, reliability, and efficiency. And yet, sometimes the users experience issues while using the printer service such as printing blank pages. Therefore, HP Printer printing blank pages issue is such an irritating situation, especially when you must have to print something immediately.

Therefore, in this post, here is mentioned the most common reasons why your HP Printer prints blank pages and how to solve them.

Common Reasons: Why is HP Printer printing blank pages?

  • Ink/Toner Cartridge issue
  •  Incorrect paper size
  •  Empty ink tank level
  • Update printer driver issue
  •   Printer spooler services and so on

Quick Solutions to Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue:

Solution 1: Check Your Ink Cartridge

To solve theHP Printer printing blank pages problemfirst, you need to check your ink cartridges properly. So, here are the simple steps that you must have to follow to check your Ink cartridges:

Step 1: Reinstall your ink cartridges

If it’s possible for you, try to re-install the ink cartridges, and then try a print test to verify everything is fine.

Step 2: Clean clogged or blocked ink cartridges

After that, try to clean clogged or blocked ink cartridges for proper functioning again.

Step 3: Check ink levels on your HP printer

Then you have to make sure that, ink levels on your HP printer have sufficient to print the documents.

 Step 4: Refill or replace empty ink cartridges

Then try to check whether the ink tank is empty or not. In case you find its empty then refill it. Or in case if you find it damaged, so then replace it now.

Solution 2: Unclog Print Head

From time to time, you need to clean the Print head. You can unclog the print head by using the HP printer’s automatic cleaning cycle. You can make this cleaning phase by going to your HP Printer Properties from your PC Control Panel or at your HP printer’s control panel.

As well as you can also clean the print head via cotton or a soft brush and be seated back correctly.

Solution 3: Incorrect Paper Setting & Size

To fix the HP Printer printing blank pages, make sure that you ar using the correct paper size. Also, check the bunch of white paper is appropriately fits into the input tray. After that, accurately align the paper size by going to your HP printer control panel, and then go to the Print settings, and then setting the manual setting & size of the paper.

Solution 4: Outdated Printer Driver

Sometimes, an outdated HP printer driver & software can also cause the printing of blank pages. Then you must try to verify that is there any available updates for your HP Printer driver. If it’s available then install them now. Also, you can download the latest HP printer driver by going to the official HP website.

Solution 5: Restart Printer

Many times a simple restarting process of an HP printer solves every type of printing problem very easily. So, fixing HP Printer printing blank pagesis also just trying to restart your HP printer. Then again try to print and you will watch the printing blank pages issue is solved.