We are living in a technical world surrounded by lots of technology and luxuries, which in turn make our lives easy and comfortable. From manuscripts to printers, our lives have changed drastically. Printers are nowadays one of the most common machines we use. It has made our life easy.

In the academic language, it is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper. There are several printers available in the market like Inkjet printers, laser printers,3D printers, Thermal printers, LED printers, Photo printers, etc. It not only made our life easy but it also helps the manufacturers to gain profit and made them financially stable.

HP Printers are one of the companies which sells the best printers but now a days, HP printers are facing the problem of developing streaks while printing. Streaks are the lines which are perpendicular to the direction the paper moved through the product and parallel to the movement of the ink cartridges during printing. Streaks could also be known as smears.


The printers is working properly but the printed output is showing smears or streaks.


If you are looking for the solution to this problem, then you are on the right track. Follow the instructions to get rid of the problems associated with streaks:

  • STEP 1: Check the condition of the paper in which you are going to print, whether it is fresh or not / wrinkled or unwrinkled. In our opinion if you are going to do printing, go with the fresh and unwrinkled one.
  • STEP 2: Run the clean printing cartridges utility which includes following steps:
  1. Click on the set up button.
  2. Select TOOLS using the arrow keys and then press the OK button.
  3. Choose CLEAN PRINT CARTRIDGE and then press ok. If the printing on the page comes fine, then your problem gets resolve and you need not to move any further but if the quality of the paper is bad, follow the next step for further cleaning.
  4. Open the PRINTER TOOLBOX, which can be done in two ways:
  5. Open HP DIRECTOR > select SETTINGS menu > select PRINT SETTINGS submenu > select PRINTER TOOLBOX.
  6. Click on the PRINTERS AND FAXES present in the CONTROL PANEL > right click on the printer icon and choose PROPERTIES. Select PRINTING PREFERENCES> click the SERVICE tab> service this icon.
  7. Now the PRINTER TOOLBOX opens, click on the CLEAN THE PRINTER CARTRIDGES present on the DEVICE SERVICES tab.

Follow the instructions given on screen. Three levels of cleaning are available. Discard or recycle the page.

  • STEP 3:¬†Clean the area around the cartridge nozzle, which includes following steps:
  1. Gather cleaning supplies like distilled water, clean cotton swabs, sheets of paper/paper towel.
  2. Remove one of the cartridges and place it on a piece of paper with the nozzle plate facing up. Lightly moisten the paper towel with clean water to wipe clean the faces and edges around the nozzle plate.do it with the cartridges too {only clean it if you see debris or build up} Replace the cleaning material if dirty.
  3. Let the cartridge sit for five minutes or use a new swab to dry before you reinsert them.
  • STEP 4:¬†Replace the problem cartridge now if a cartridge replacement is not tried previously.