It can be very frustrating when you are getting ink smudges and smears over your entire printed project. Every so often inkjet printers and also laser printers do leave spots on their print result, and several users reported this issue of HP Printer smearing ink on the paper.

So, if you are also encountering this type of issue when you print a document or any report? Or do you face difficulties especially when you need to do a large print job for your papers to have smudges all over them, and you don’t know how to eliminate or stop it? Then you should not panic.

Therefore, take a look at this guide, which will teach you about all the potential reasons why your HP printer is leaving smudge on the paper, and the best solutions to fix this issue.

What Are Reasons for HP Printer Smearing Ink on the Paper?

  • Defective ink or toner cartridges
  • Wrong toner or faulty fuser
  • Unsuitable Paper
  • Dirt and dust print cartridges utility
  • Wrong the print settings select
  • Intensity Settings and many other reasons

Solutions to Fix It:

Solution 1: Check Defective Ink or Toner Cartridges

The issue of HP Printers smearing ink on the paper often occurs due to defective ink/toner cartridges. Then you should try and check that your ink cartridges are all in a good state. Check that the ink has not up till now dried out and is free from dirt and filtrate build-up.

Solution 2: Check Faulty Fuser

Sometimes, the fuser produces the heat necessary to print the toner on the paper, so in case, if it fails to generate the required printing temperature, this type of issue is created. The printout would appear alike when you use the wrong toner on your printer. Well, a faulty fuser is primarily due to mechanical problems like damaged components. Then, the best option is you should call a printer specialist, who will do the required repairs.

Solution 3: Inappropriate Paper Size

One of the other reasons this HP Printer smearing ink on the paper is due to the inappropriate Paper size. Because, if the paper is too thick or smooth or something with a weighty surface texture, so, it can be it affect the print output. Make sure that the paper is appropriate and smooth enough for the ink toner to print correctly.

Solution 4: Allow the Printout Paper to Dry

Ink smears or smudged images also appear on the printout papers when the paper is moist. Also, you should have to carefully handle the printout papers or allow the paper to dry. This means making sure that the ink is entirely dried out on the paper before using the printout. Also, confirm that you printed on fresh and unwrinkled paper.

Solution 5: Adjust Intensity Settings

Furthermore, you can fix the issue HP Printer smearing ink on the paper, by trying to reduce the intensity settings. Besides, you can try a longer ink-drying wait time. You can adjust or change the intensity setting of a printed outcome on an HP printer by touching the Quality slider to the preferred setting. Also, you could save your settings for forthcoming print work.