What is the Default Username and Password of Ricoh Printer?


When we talk about printing technology and related stuff, Ricoh is a name that is highly respected. It has got a very strong presence in the market and it is among the market leaders because of its excellence and quality. For businesses and individual use, this printing solution is among the highly preferable options in the Indian market. It is equipped with modern inkjet and laser technologies; this brand is very popular for giving vibrant and high-quality prints. If you are looking for a new printer, and you are searching for reviews about this printer, then look no ahead as we can easily confirm that this printer can is the best choice for you. While buying you should make sure you know the Ricoh Printer default password and username.


Why choose Ricoh Printers?


Ricoh Printers are perfectly known for their advanced colour management and calibration. They usually allow the users to get proper colour reproduction along with good accuracy. It ensures that you can get prints perfectly and the content remains fully original. For its exceptional accuracy when it comes to colour management, this brand is highly popular among its users. Amazing paper handling capabilities are something very highly rated by the users of this printing brand. It can handle many sizes of prints along with media types. Labels, glossy photos, envelops, or standard papers, Ricoh handles it all very easily. It is known for being a versatile printing brand.


What is Ricoh Printer default username and password?


Usually, Ricoh Printer default username and password are very simple. Just enter admin and leave the password field completely blank. Once you log in for the first time, you should change the password as it will keep everything secure. Also, we advise you to keep in touch with the printing support team. This team is known for its friendly behavior and accuracy in providing the services.

Printer Model Username Password
2035eSP Printer admin password
Afficio MP 2510 Printer admin (blank)
Afficio 1515 Printer admin (blank-none)
Afficio AP3800C Printer admin password
AP410N – 1.13 Printer admin (none)
AP610N Printer admin <none>
C2500 Printer admin “blank”
C3502 Printer admin Blank


Security is something which you cannot mess! This brand is proud of its quality approaches and customer-centric policies and that is why will try its best to serve you without disappointment at all. Here we go with the default passwords provided by the printer manufacturer.

  • 123
  • Admin
  • Root
  • Password
  • Secret
  • Access

Yes, it is true that the default login credentials help thousand of users as they find the username/password provided by a developer or manufacturer a safe option. But it is not the safest option. It is very easy to guess the default login credentials, so we do not suggest you to continue using the default ones. A friend of yours or any hacker can easily guess a default password. However, the best option is to change Ricoh Printer default password to a comparatively difficult password that only you would know.