So, if you are going to print your daily documents but suddenly your Canon printer takes multiple sheets at once while pressing the printing command? Then in this condition, you don’t need to irritate, even just relax and cool. This is one of the most common issues of the printer, and it usually occurs due to rollers issues, hardware issues or other various causes. So, it is not a big deal for you to solve out issue Canon Printer feeding multiple sheets at once, by applying the troubleshooting solutions as underneath given.

Thus, read this post you will get complete knowledge about how to fix it, and the various causes behind the occurrence of this issue.

Causes of Canon Printer Feeding Multiple Sheets At Once:

Taking multiple sheets at once may be caused due to various reasons, including:

  • Improper weight
  • Incorrect set roller
  • Hardware problem
  • Incorrect paper type and size
  • Noise-dampening foam
  • Paper quality is low
  • Rollers clean issue
  • Incorrectly adjusted paper trays
  • Contaminated feed/separator rollers issue
  • Print queue issue
  • Print media issue
  • And many other causes

Easy Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Feeding Multiple Sheets At Once:

Just, follow the below given troubleshooting solutions to fix this issue.

Solution 1: Disconnect the Canon Printer 

When the Canon Printer feeds multiple sheets at once, you should try disconnecting your Canon printer from your PC, and also disconnecting it from the entire power outlet and then connecting it to a different USB port. After doing that thing, the issue will be resolved.

Solution 2: Verify the Print Media

Then you should verify that the print media matches the recommendations for the print media printer. Then ensure that print media included photographs and covers are being fed from the Multi-purpose feeder. Therefore, certain media, in specific paper that has had slums or damages stamped over in a stack, might have to be fed one sheet at a time.

Solution 3: Reset the Paper Tray Guides

You can also fix the issue of Canon Printer feeding multiple sheets at once, simply by suitably adjusting the paper tray guide. To print from the multi-purpose tray on a Canon printer, confirm that the correct paper type is carefully chosen in the Printer’s settings. Then you will need to cargo the paper to the inside of the multi-purpose tray. After that, pick the correct option to print from PC.

Solution 4: Make your Rubber Paper Grabber Coarser

Still, if this issue occurs it means the issue might be related to the rubber paper grabber. Often this rubber part can advance smoothly and cause the Canon printer to pick up more paper than desired. Then try to fix it, by availing suggestions to making the rubber coarser using a nail file.

Solution 5: Verify the Paper Quality

If your Canon printer pulls or feeds too numerous pages, the issue may be with your paper quality associated. However, low-quality paper can cause this dispute. So to fix the issue of Canon Printer feeding multiple sheets at onceensure that you are using the correct and proper paper for printing. Furthermore, validate that your printer is put away in a calm and dry place.

Hence, after performing all the above solutions the issue will be resolved definitely.