Brother Printer Not Working

As technology advances rapidly, encountering printer issues in our day-to-day usage is not uncommon. Below are some common concerns associated with Brother printers:

1. Installation error code

2. Paper jamming

3. Unable to Scan

4. Unable to clean

5. Connection loss between the Printer and the Machine

6. Faded or uneven prints

7. Display error 8. Running out of ink

Solutions to the Common Brother Printer Problems

While these are some of the frequently faced problems, there can be others as well. To address these basic concerns, follow the troubleshooting steps provided below:

1. Check if the Machine is turned on and error-free:

Ensure that the LED is turned on. If not, verify the printer is properly plugged into a functioning power source and turned on.

2. Verify the connection with the Router:

Ensure a secure connection between the router and the Brother printer. You can also reset the cable on both ends.

3. Download and run the Network Repair Utility:

Download the utility and save the file in a location easily accessible. Double-click the file to open it and follow the onscreen instructions.

4. Ensure proper communication between the Brother Printer and Computer:

To find the Machine’s IP Address, press the GO button thrice. The printout will display the IP address. To find the computer’s IP Address, click on START, enter CMD, click OK, enter IPCONFIG, and press ENTER.

5. Check if the Printer Driver is installed:

Click on START, go to settings, click on PRINTERS, and check for installed printers. If the Brother Printer is not listed, it needs to be reinstalled. If listed, right-click on the Brother printer and select the Default option if needed.

6. Confirm Printer status and empty print queue:

In the printer folder, find the Brother printer and hover the mouse over the printer icon. To cancel pending documents, right-click on the printer and select cancel documents. Ensure the status is ready and not offline or paused.

7. Uninstall and Reinstall the Brother Drivers:

Click on START, go to All Programs, find the Brother folder, and select Uninstall. Follow the prompts to remove the software completely and restart the computer. Insert the Brother CD-ROM, select the PRINTER option, choose the LANGUAGE, and proceed with the Printer Driver installation.

These steps should help resolve most Brother printer issues. If the problem persists, consider contacting the technical support department of Brother Printer for further assistance.


Remember, with our Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide, you can overcome common printer concerns and resume smooth printing operations at home.