Canon gives its users the flexibility to print from anywhere without being physically connected to the device. Is your Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi? The reason behind this issue could be different for different user. A genuine method of dealing with this issue is to make sure that the printer is connected to network. However, thousands of users report that the printer fails to connect with the wi-fi network. If you are also one of those who face trouble with Canon Printer Wi-Fi connectivity, then this write-up is for you. Today you will learn how to get rid of the concerned issue.


What are the reasons for the Canon Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi?


  • Printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi is the outdated driver.
  • Printer has faulty printer configuration.
  • Printer errors such as interrupted power supply.
  • There is internet issues which may disconnect the printer from the wi-fi.


The methods to fix Canon printer not connecting to wi-fi


There are several methods to fix the Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi. Whenever users find the problem printer is not connected to the Wi-Fi, the first and foremost duty is to check the internet connection. If there are any issues with the internet then fix the issue and try to connect the printer. If the process is not working then go for other troubleshooting methods. Depending on the problem users may perform the following troubleshooting methods to fix the problem.


Method 1: Reset the printer


Press the printer’s power button off disconnect all data cables and also unplug the printer power cord and wait for some time. After waiting 10 minutes again plug in all cables and power on the printer and try to connect the printer to wi-fi.


Method 2: Install updated printer driver


  • Firstly, click on the Start menu and go to ‘Device Manager
  • Further, expand the ‘Printer queues’ and right-click on the printer driver.
  • Then, choose the option ‘Update printer’
  • Further, go to the Network Adapters sections
  • Click on the wireless driver and choose the option ‘update driver’


Method 3: Check the printer error


Whenever you face issues like Canon Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi,  then make sure that the printer is not displaying any flashlight or any other error codes. If the printer shows an error sign, then first fix the error with the printer and then try to connect the printer to the wi-fi.


Method 4: Check the power supply


When performing the troubleshooting process with the printer connect the problem with Wi-Fi then make sure the printer gets a proper power supply. So, turn off and unplug the printer. Followed by unplugging your router for 15 seconds and re-plugging the same. Then, power on the router plug on the printer power it on and try to fix the printer connecting problem.


The final words

Users also can uninstall the printer by pressing the Windows key along with the R button to open the option ‘Run.’ Followed by type Control and click on ‘OK’ for access to ‘Control Panel.’ Thereafter, go to Programs followed by ‘Programs and Features.’ Then, choose the option ‘Canon Printer series MP Drivers’ and click on the option ‘Uninstall’. After uninstalling the program again reinstall the same and try to fix the problem. After going through all the above processes if any users face issues with Canon Printer not Connecting to Wi-fi, then contact the technical support.