Xerox printers are the most popular and used by people for personal and professional use. So, if you have recently purchased a Xerox printer and have come across an issue such as the find the Xerox printer username and Xerox printer password, then do not worry.

Well, this is a common complaint that asks by several users once they are trying to get their Xerox printer connects. Unexpectedly, there is a simple way to find out what is a Xerox printer’s default credentials when it demanded.

So, read this post till the end to get to know how to figure out your Xerox Printer Username and Password in an easy procedure and about the default Xerox Printer credentials.

What is the Default Username and Password for the Xerox printer?

Normally, the default admin password for Xerox printers is found on the underside of the printer. You can see it by examining where your toner or ink proceeds and underneath that, you will notice some sort of box with tags like Admin and Password.

If you glimpse nearby at how something is plugged into each other inside a Xerox printer, there will be an exact place just for plugging in passwords. And then you see there, the default Xerox printer username is admin mentioned in the lower case and the default Xerox printer password is 1111 or you can see the default password is the printer serial number. Ensure you have unplugged the whole thing before doing this procedure because it may generate damage else.

Besides, also ensure that, if the default password has been changed and forgotten, in this case, the Printer will not accept the new password.


How to Find Out Your Xerox Printer Username and Password?

Find Out Xerox Printer Username:

The above-given steps will help to find out the Xerox printer username, otherwise, you can reset to factory, and so to do that, you can follow these steps:

  • First, go to the Xerox printer home screen, and tap “Settings menu”.
  • Then tap on “Device”, and then “the restore factory defaults” option.
  • Now from the restore settings menu, choose the settings that you wish to restore.
  • Next, tap to “Restore” option. Then, follow the on-screen instructions on the display to complete the process.

Find Out Xerox Printer Password:

  • The very first time, you go to Xerox Centre Ware Internet Services (CWIS) after your Xerox printer installation via the network section, so then your PC or device quickly asks you to change/reset the default system administrator credential like a password. So, if you have yet to change the default password, you can find here Xerox Printer Password.
  • Therefore, the primary default password is always the printer’s serial number, as it’s normally situated on the data tag on the back cover, and published on the Printer’s configuration report.

Hence, if you have any doubts to follow the above steps to figure out the Xerox Printer default credentials, or have other issues related to the printer then you can take instant guidance & solutions from contacting Xerox Printer technical support expert.