Your Zebra Printer may have stopped printing anything all of a sudden. You may be looking out for ways to fix the problem. So we thought of consolidating the solution to the problem in one place. One can explore multiple ways to troubleshoot such kinds of problems. All they need to do is move down the tutorial and follow the different troubleshooting ways to fix Zebra Printer not printing problem in one go. In case none of the troubleshooting guides is working for the users then they can immediately contact us and we will do the root cause analysis to troubleshoot the issue in one go without any hassles or second thoughts.

Different ways to fix Zebra Printer not printing problems

Zebra Printer printing blank pages

In case your Zebra Printer is printing blank pages then there are two possibilities for this. This may be because your Printer may have turned out of ink or you may not have done your setup in an effective manner a result of which even after giving print commands your printer is printing blank pages. Users need to ensure that they have got their cartridge refilled and once the same has been done then they can start giving print commands. The issue should then certainly be resolved.

Check the setup of your printer

Next users are advised to check the setup of their Printer. It may be that users may not have set up their Printer in an effective manner as a result of which their printer may not be printing. Users need to ensure that all the wires and cables are connected in an effective manner before they start giving the print commands. Things will then definitely work for the users without any hassles or second thoughts.

Update your Driver

The next thing which the users will need to do is update their driver. In most cases, it happens that the driver is not outdated or may not be compatible with the printer. Users need to ensure that they have downloaded the latest version of their driver so that they can enjoy seamless operations with their driver. Once done then they can enjoy the services of their Printer.

Cancel all of the running jobs

Users need to cancel all of the jobs that the printer has been given. This will prevent from anything getting damaged from the hardware perspective. This can easily be done through the Force Quit option that is available in the Control Panel. They can clear all of the items as well from the tray and then start giving print operations from their printer.