Canon printers are a popular selection for both personal and professional use due to their effectiveness, high-quality printing, fast and durability. But, one of the most common issues that you might come across often while using the printer is that the Canon Printer not duplex printing correctlyIf you don’t know the appropriate troubleshooting methods, this issue can be frustrating and time-consuming to solve on your end.


Steps to Fix Canon Printer not Duplex Printing Issue


That’s why, in this guide, you will get guidance on how to fix this issue quickly and correctly by applying methods. Let’s see these methods:

Method 1: Verify the Paper Size

Firstly, you need to validate that you are loaded with actual paper size suitable for automatic duplex printing. Ensure that paper sizes for automatic two-sided duplex printing are Letter and A4. Also, check that the load paper is of suitable size and then click the OK button on the touch screen.

Method 2: Verify the Canon Printing Automatic Setting

After that, to resolve the Canon Printer not duplex printing correctly issue, you have to ensure that the setting for the automatic duplex is selected.

  • For Windows:

Ensure that the settings for automatic and duplex printing check boxes are selected on the Page Setup sheet in the printer driver setup for the Windows PC.

  • For Mac OS:

Ensure that the check box ‘Two-Sided’ is chosen in the Print dialogues section.

Method 3: Ensure the Media Type Setting 

Confirm that the setting of the media type matches the actual size of the paper with a size appropriate for automatic duplex printing.

  • For Mac OS:

Confirm the loaded paper is appropriate for automatic duplex printing in the ‘Quality and the Media sheet’ section on the Print dialogue.

  • For Windows:

Check the loaded paper is appropriate for automatic duplex printing in the ‘Main sheet’ in the printer driver setup window.

Method 4: Verify the Paper Size Setting

To solve the Canon Printer not duplex printing correctly problem, you also make sure that the paper size setting is suitable and correctly the actual paper size for automatic duplex printing.

First, check the paper size setting in the application software you print from. Then, check the Paper Size in the printer driver.

  • For Mac OS:

Verify the Paper Size on the ‘Page Setup’ dialog section.

  • For Windows:

Verify the page size setting on the ‘Page Setup sheet’ in the printer driver setup window.

Method 5: Clean the Canon Printer Printhead

You can also clean the printhead because the printhead can collect rubbles/ink buildup, which causes print quality issues. So, after cleaning the printhead it will resolve the various print quality problems. Some Canon Printers have a built-in printhead cleaning service which is accessible normally from the printer’s control panel or the software.

In case, if you face any difficulty in cleaning the printhead. So then, you can refer to your Canon printer’s user manual or communicate with the Canon support expert to get comprehensive guidance on how to clean the printhead correctly and instant help to fix other kinds of Canon Printer queries.