Is your Canon Printer Printing Slowly? Or is your Canon printer having a slower printing speed than usual, and you are facing a printing issue? Then worry not. The Canon printer’s printing slow problem is the most common problem of the printer and is also faced by many users while they perform important printing tasks. However, they also fixed the issue with the best troubleshooting methods as mentioned below.

Therefore, you must attempt the mentioned troubleshooting methods to quickly solve the Canon printer’s slow printing issue.

Reasons, Why Canon Printer Printing Slowly?

There are a number of reasons could possible happen the issue, such as:

  • Network connection problem
  • Print quality issue
  • Misusing the printer problem
  • Printer drivers updating issue 
  • Printer services status issue
  • Update the printer firmware issue
  • Wrong location of wireless printer and router
  • Print spooler service and many others

How to Fix Canon Printer Printing Slowly Issue:

Method 1: Cancel all Tasks & Printing Processes

When Canon Printer Printing Slowly then firstly you should have to close other programs that aren’t in use. After that, try to do an undo option or cancel all printing pending processes. Let’s see the steps to solve the issue with this method technique.

  • On the PC, go to the Devices & Printers section through the Control Panel.
  • Then, choose your Canon printer model as the default printer. 
  • Afterwards, change the printer properties by right-clicking on it and confirming that all the ports are deselected. Click on the OK
  • Next, a taskbar will open, so hit on your printer model icon which will display a list of tasks.
  • Then, cancel all the pending printing tasks. 
  • After that, you can again start the printing process through Canon Printer. 

Method 2: Verify the Printer Preferences

Sometimes, printer slow speed printer performance can be affected by the print quality issue, since diverse quality settings use distinct amounts of ink. So you should try to set the print quality to Normal or the Draft to make your Canon Printer print faster.

Method 3: Check Wireless Signal is Strong & Printer Location

You should validate that the wireless signal is solid. Observer the signal status and then move the printer and wireless router as needed. 

Also, verify that your Canon Printer is not located too far from the wireless router.

Method 4: Check the Network Connection

Often you come across the Canon Printer Printing Slowly issue due to a poor network connection. So, validate that the cable is right connected if you are using an Ethernet cable.

Also, if you are using a wireless printer, then try rebooting your router by simply unplugging it from the power supply, waiting for 30-40 seconds and then again plugging it.

Method 5: Update Canon Printer Driver

Still, Canon Printer Printing Slowly, then you should check whether the Canon Printer drivers or software is outdated. If yes, you are using a faulty or outdated Canon printer driver, then update your printer driver now, and solve the problem.

You can manually update your Canon Printer driver by going to the official website of the printer. Then, search for the latest driver and follow the on-screen guides to download and install it. Ensure that select the printer drivers that are well-compatible with your PC Windows version.