As you are aware that the password is set at the time of purchase of the printer and the password is usually nothing else but the serial number which is printed on the sticker, it contains 9 alphanumeric characters which is 4 alphabets followed by 5 numbers and you can change the password by taking the steps as below:

Reset the Canon printer wifi password

  • You will be required to display the printer status on the web browser.
  • Click on security and the menu will be displayed.
  • Click on the Administrator password setting and then select change administrator password.
  • in case the administrator password is not set you will be able to see the registration confirming message and then select yes when you will see the message again click ok.
  • You will be required to select a range where the administrative password is valid and then hit ok.

(a). Remote UI or other tools:

  • You will be required to enter the administrator password in order to change the setting using the Remote UI.

(b). Operation panel/Remote UI or other tools:

You have to enter the administrative password in order to change the settings items with the help of the operational panel of the printer, the remote UI, or some software.

  • Please enter the password and then hit ok.
  • Once the actions mentioned above have been successful, you will get to see the completion message, please select ok.

Points to consider while keeping the password change

  • The password can be between 4 to 32 characters
  • The characters to be used in the password can be alphanumeric characters
  • To keep the security, it is advisable to use at least 6 or more alphanumeric
  • It is also advisable to pen down the password if one has the tendency to forget the same