Canon printers are very popular with their feature and advanced models which they are offering last 4 decades. But, it is not far the error and paper jam issue is one of the primary concern with Canon printer because when you do essential printing when you encountered paper jam with your Canon printer so if you want to fix it in a very fast and accurate way so just read the entire post and learn how to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Issue.

Cause behind the Canon printer paper jam issue:

There might be various reasons why Canon printer generates paper jam issues but, here are some widely recognized causes:

  • Paper position incorrectly
  • Due to the damaged roller
  • Low quality of the white papers
  • Low quality of the ink cartridges and many more things

Solutions to fix Canon printer paper jam issue:

Here are the topmost solutions that can easily resolve the paper jam issue without much more effort.

Solution 1: Remove the rear access control panel:

  • First of all, you need to find the access tab that is presented back of the Canon printer.
  • Pull out carefully and clear a small bit of the paper.
  • Finally, secure the rear panel.

Solution 2: Replace the Ink cartridges:

Before doing anything, you must try to check the level of the ink and then, you must see the quality & brand of the ink because if you are using the low-quality ink so you may face the paper jam issue with your Canon printer.

Solution 3: Clean the roller:

You need to clear your Canon printer roller carefully and then, try to print a paper to resolve the paper jam issue.

  • Initially, you need to Turn off your printer from the electric socket.
  • Then, pull out the roller carefully.
  • Clean through cotton cloth without water.
  • Again, set up at the right place, and then, you may turn ON your Canon printer.

Solution 4: Resolved the jammed paper:

  • First of all, stop all the printing jobs and turn off your Canon printer with the power button.
  • Go to the control display panel and tap on the Menu button.
  • Select the Eject and pull out the access front tray.
  • Check the jammed paper & clean it with a cotton cloth.
  • Again, setup as usual and try to print a white paper after turning ON your printer.

Solution 5: Check the Quality & Size of the paper:

You must check the white paper bundle for A3 size, 297 X 420, and A4 size should be 210 X 297. Also, you must check the quality of the white paper.

Solution 6: Reset Canon Printer:

  • Turn Off your Canon printer.
  • Remove all the cables as well as the power cable.
  • Wait for at least 2 minutes.
  • Plug back again all the power cables.
  • Turn ON your Canon printer and try to print a paper.

Solution 7: Clean the paper tray:

  • Pull out the paper tray carefully.
  • Then, press the resume button and clean the paper tray with a cotton cloth.
  • Again, pull in your paper tray as usual.

Therefore, you can easily rid of the paper jam issue by applying the above-given solutions.