Fix Canon Printer Error 5200

The Canon inkjet printer reported a 5200 error code, which means that the temperature of the ink cartridge is abnormally high, because the ink cartridge has no ink, and the temperature is too high when the print head is heated. Just add a little ink to the ink cartridge.

To add ink to the ink cartridge:

  1. Take out the ink cartridge of the printer.
  2. Peel off the label of the ink cartridge and stick it to the side of the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge is covered with 5 small holes.
  3. Open the ink, insert the syringe into the ink to extract the ink, and use 3ml of ink.
  4. In this way, ink is drawn according to the corresponding color and added to the ink cartridge. Ensure you don’t mix different inks as they are stored in separate syringes. Gently insert the syringe into the ink cartridge sponge and slowly inject the ink to allow complete absorption without any leakage. It’s important to handle this process carefully for optimal results.
  5. After the injection is completed, stick different notes on the syringe to use colors to prevent mixing in the future.
  6. Put the ink cartridge label back in its original place, and do not cover the air leak.

What is Canon printer error 5200?

5200 is a mechanical failure. It is not cleared or changed. The supply card tube is cleared. The waste ink collector is full. The card is showing that there are foreign objects in the printer. We often encounter this machine when repairing.

This machine will report this code. This is because the print head is overheated. The error code caused by changing the ink cartridge is just fine, but it is recommended to change the machine.

Canon inkjet printer reported a 5200 error code means that the temperature of the ink cartridge is abnormally high. [5200] P08 orange light / under green light flash 8

Usually, this case is no ink cartridge, when the print head temperature is too high due to heating of the work, only need to add some ink in the ink cartridge inside the line, the ink cartridge is easy to distinguish two problems which, added to which the lightest Which, after adding ink to the superior, the problem is solved.

Solved Canon printer error 5200

  1. Remove the print head and close the front cover.
  2. Press and hold “RESUME”, plug in the power supply, release it, then press and hold “RESUME” for 5 seconds, and then let go.
  3. Put in the print head, put a piece of A4 paper.
  4. Press the “RESUME” key 3 times to close the front cover.

Note: Press the “RESUME” key 4 times in step 4 to close the front cover to clear the waste ink counter.

Tips to avoid Canon printer error 5200

If I don’t connect to the computer, I will prompt the P08 code when copying directly. At first, I thought it was the normal reaction of the ink cartridge after it was filled with ink. Just press the stop/reset button for 5 seconds and then release it. OK, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t play, even 10 seconds. Then press MPX 258 error 5200 to go to Baidu, the result is that most of them are saying that the hair is hot, which is the messy answer, and ultimately the problem cannot be solved.

How to solve the error number 5200 that appears on the Canon printer

It should be 6000 errors. In the error of the paper feed part, check the relevant parts of the paper feed. The Canon error code table is attached. You can compare and solve the 5100 error. Paper feed part error 5c00 error waste ink removal part error 5700 error paper feed part error 5400 error data transmission logic error 5b00 error waste ink full 5200 error print head overheating 6800 error EEPROM error 5110 error ink cart movement error 6a00 error paper displacement Detection part error 6b00 error paper feed detection part failure 6b10 error paper feed detector error 9000 error USB data input part current overload 6c00 error vacuum tube part error 6d00 error power motor error 6500 error.

How to solve Canon error code 5200?

The occurrence of 5200 in this machine is a mechanical error of the ink cart, which may be caused by the obstruction of the ink tubes of the continuous supply.

  • If you do not install a continuous supply system, it may be that the upper cover of the ink cartridge is not closed or there is a foreign object on the track where the ink cart moves.
  • Turn off, turn on, take out the ink cartridge of the printer, and wipe all the chips on the ink cartridge with an eraser.
  • Then turn it off and on again, and hold down the key with a down arrow on the printer. Press one or two minutes. If it doesn’t work
  • Then, repeat the above operation, just a few more times!