What is HP Printer Default Username and Password?


HP printers are known for their user-friendly designs, flawless performance, and low power consumption. Driven by their quality products, this company holds more than 40% share of the printing machine market. So, it is definitely a good decision if you have purchased a printer. Now you must be looking for its default login credentials. Well, the first thing you are requested to do is to try the given options. Nonetheless, you might need to wait a while as the printer might restrict you from trying too many times quickly. We will then tell you two ways to find out the default username and password. Find out your HP Printer Default Username and Password today!


What are the HP printer default set of username and passwords?  

 Username – Password

 Admin – admin

Administrator – administrator

Admin – 12345678

Administrator – 12345678

Admin – admin123

Administrator – admin123


We have given some common login and password combinations that will help you in making your login, but try these one by one. You may find the set of login credentials you are looking for. You can try the combinations unlimited times. Now we invite you to check out the methods of finding your username and password by trying the below-mentioned steps. Hope you will get your credentials today.


Find the HP printer default password by printing the settings page


  • Connect the power cable
  • Connect your printer to the computer
  • Press the Power button after it is connected to power and a computer
  • You will see the Wi-Fi button just below the Power Button
  • Press this button and the light nearby will blink for a few seconds
  • The print button is located in the beneath of the Wi-Fi button
  • After a few seconds, the light nearby the print button will become stable
  • Than the printing machine will give you a print
  • On this printed paper, you will see a line where the password is printed
  • Enter the HP wireless detect printing password is XXXXXXXXX
  • Note down the password
  • Now you can change the password as per your choice


Find the HP printer default password by going through the manual page  


We avoid reading instruction manuals of the gadgets we use in our daily lives, but these are worthy sometimes. Manuals come with a lot of fascinating information, including the username and password. So, a great way to find the default login credentials is to go through the manual provided by your printing machine manufacturer. For more information about HP Printer Default Password, you need to make a telephonic conversation with the printing machine experts who are working as after-sales support officers. These are highly skilled and properly trained professionals. HP management has prepared them to provide flawless services as per international parameters.