Troubleshooting Canon Printer Not Recognized


Nowadays printers have become a crucial tool of our lives. It is important for both personal and official use. Dealing with connectivity issues of printers can be frustrating. Especially when the Canon Printer is not recognized by the computer.  This can hinder your workflow and you might face problems in printing important work. Before knowing canon printer troubleshooting methods, it is important to know about the cause. Make sure you know the reasons behind, why your computer is not recognizing the Canon printer.


Possible causes of Canon printer not recognized by the computer


  • The printer is not turned on.
  • The USB cable might not be connected properly.
  • Your internet connection is not working properly.


Are you someone who is less aware of troubleshooting printer problems? You are at the right place. Here we will provide you with steps on how to tackle this issue. Follow these steps to make your computer recognize your printer. And to make your printer work smoothly.


1. Connection status check


Sometimes difficulty in printing results due to a lost connection between your printer and computer. Just ensure your printer is powered on and plugged properly. Check the USB cable connection for the wired printer. For wireless ones ensure a good and secure connection to the router.


2. Firewall temporary disabling


Sometimes Firewall software can block communication with printers. If you are facing canon printer not recognized by the computer issue, you can temporarily disable Windows Firewall to resolve this issue. Access its settings, and turn it off for both public and private networks, then confirm the changes. Follow the same steps for other security software to configure firewall settings for better printer connectivity.


3. Printer driver update


Faulty and outdated printer drivers can cause printing problems. Update your Canon printer driver manually by visiting the official website of Canon. Find the right driver for your model and install it. You can also get help from tools like Driver Easy to automatically identify and update the correct drivers for your system. After the update, test your printer to check if the issue is resolved.


4. Setting Canon as the default printer


Your computer assigns printing tasks to the default printer by default. If you’ve not set the Canon printer as default, it’s not going to work as it should. To set this as default follow these steps.


  • Open control panel.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click your Canon printer.
  • Choose Set as the default printer.
  • Finally, test your printing tasks to ensure they work correctly.


6. Clearing print queue


Sometimes canceled or failed print jobs in the queue, stop your printer from printing. To solve this, follow these steps.


  • Open the print queue.
  • Cancel all the documents.
  • Restart the print spooler service if required.


Still Canon Printer not recognized by the computer? Deleting print jobs often restores your printer to normal operation. Resolve the issue of the Canon Printer not being recognized by the computer and get back to the printing process. Get into the world of printer connectivity issues and know the reasons behind computers not detecting cannon printers. Also, discover the troubleshooting methods to resolve these challenges.