Why is my Canon printer not responding?


Canon Printer not responding ever seen this pop-up on your screen? It is halting, isn’t it? The best-known features of Canon printers are their effectiveness and accuracy. But sometimes the printer will not respond and you might face some issues. This would stop you from further printing. Here we will discuss some methods to help you fix the printer and start the work again. Making sure your printer has a good connection is the first thing we suggest as the basic troubleshooting method. Try unplugging and plugging if it’s connected via a USB cable.  In the case of a wireless printer, check the internet or Bluetooth connection. Try switching it off and on or power cycle the Wi-Fi router.

Step to Troubleshooting for Canon Printer Issues

Reboot the system


  • Click the power icon on the start screen.
  • The power menu will appear.
  • At this point, click Restart.


Remove and re-add the printer


  • Press the Windows logo and I together to open the settings menu.
  • Select the DEVICE option
  • From the sidebar click on the printers and scanners option.
  • Select Remove device by clicking the printer’s name.
  • You have the option of restarting the computer and adding the printer once more.
  • To do this, choose Add a printer or scanner from the Printers & Scanners menu.


Try the troubleshooting feature


Resolve all software and hardware-related issue with the troubleshooting feature of Windows. Try using this feature when the Canon printer is not responding.


  • Open the Windows Settings menu first.
  • Click Update & Security now.
  • After that, select Troubleshoot from the sidebar.
  • After that, choose Extra troubleshooters. You can possibly discover other troubleshooters in place of this.
  • Select the Printer option under the Additional troubleshooter’s category.
  • Press “Run the troubleshooter” and follow the message displayed.


Update your printers


Using an older version of the printer might cause some technical issues. This can be a reason for the unresponsive printer.  Thus, it is advisable to update the printer driver in case Canon printer not responding. You can update from the device manager or visit Canon’s official site.


Troubleshoot with the device manager


  • Type “device manager” into the Windows Search box and click the result.
  • Click twice on the Print Queues menu item.
  • Locate the name of your printer in the expanded menu, then right-click it.
  • Select the Update Driver option at this point.
  • On the new window, you must select the option to automatically search for updated driver software.
  • The computer will look for and download any available updates.


From official site


  • Start by visiting Canon’s official website.
  • Enter the product name of your printer in the search field.
  • Locate the Select option that matches your OS by scrolling down.
  • The menu will expand, and you must select the Download option.
  • Find the file you downloaded, open it, and follow the on-screen directions.


Update your OS


To make your Canon printer work, you can update your Windows. Follow these steps to update your Windows.


  • To access settings, use the Windows key + I.
  • Open the Settings menu and select Update & Security.
  • Next, click the option that says “Check for updates.” It is located in the Windows update section.
  • If updates are accessible, the computer will check for them and download them.
  • After the procedure is finished, restart the computer.


Talk to the customer support officials


Still Canon printer not responding? The last thing we are going to suggest is to make a telephonic conversation with the specialists of printing machine. Collect the number from the official website, by visiting the Contact Us page. This page will give you the official helpline number that will connect you to the passenger support team. The customer support team, which is filled with skilled technicians, will come forward and assist you with the best support.