Canon printer offline status becomes a very challenging task but, it can be resolved through a few easy steps. But, there might be plenty of reasons when users get the Canon printer offline status. If you want to know the actual reason why is my Canon printer offline just read the entire post.

Steps to Troubleshooting Canon printer offline issue

Step 1: Connection issue

Due to the incorrect or loose connection of the printer, it shows the offline status error on the display screen so before doing anything, just check all the connections and then, reboot your printer.

Step 2: The printer is in Sleeping mode

If your printer has gone into sleeping mode then, you may face the offline status so just check the sleeping ON/Off button.

Step 3: Paper Jam issue

You must check all the rollers of the printer and if it is possible clean the rollers with the help of the cotton cloth then, check the alignment and size of the paper. Restart your Canon printer and try to make a single printer. If again, you want to know why is my Canon printer offline then, see another reason.

Step 4: Slow speed of the Internet

Users must check the speed of the internet because due to the poor connectivity and slow speed of the internet printers show the offline status so you must check the internet speed to other speed checker websites.

Step 5: Virus/Malware

If your Canon printer has been infected by the virus or malware then, you will get the offline status.

Step 6: Driver issue

If your Canon printer is not updated you can re-install or update your drivers and then, check the status of the printer.


How To Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue?

Canon printer has been made through advanced functionalities and Modern-based technology. But, sometimes Canon user raises issues against error or issue with Canon printer. So, if you are experiencing the Canon printer offline issue it will become a very serious problem but, Canon users can easily fix this issue. Just, follow the below-given instructions and resolve the Canon printer offline issue.

Solutions to fix Canon Printer Offline Issue:

Solution 1: Set the Correct Position of Ink Cartridges:

Remove the ink cartridges 2 to 3 times from their position and again, fit the slot properly. Then, turn Off your printer and again, turn on your printer. Now, check your printer, and if you are again getting a Canon printer offline error just follow the below-given instructions.

Solution 2: Tap on the Secret Reset Button of the Ink Cartridges:

Canon printer offers a secret reset button that user can refill their cartridges without purchasing a new one. To get the right use of the reset button, just read the below-given instructions.

    • Press & hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds.
    • Now, you may release that button and your printer will automatically restart.

Solution 3: Reset Printing system:

    • Using the control panel of the computer, you need to pick the Printer & scanner option.
    • Here you can find your Canon printer and then, right-click on it.
    • Select the Reset printer system option.

Solution 4: Check the Printer Connection:

Due to the connection issue, you can experience the Canon Printer Offline problemFor the immediate solution, the user must check all the physical connections of the Canon printer.